5 Foods To Avoid During Chaitra Navratri
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Chaitra Navratri is soon beginning, and during this time, Maa Durga is worshipped for nine days. To be precise, the nine days in the lunar fortnight of the Chaitra and Ashwin months are known as Navratri. It is one of the unique festivals of the Hindus, which is celebrated with great pomp and joy all over India. These days, people worship Maa Bhagwati and keep fast to please her. In Hinduism, these nine days of Navratri are considered sacred. Therefore, any work done during this year is deemed auspicious. Also, it is believed that some food items should not be consumed during these nine holy days of Navratri. Here’s a list of things in the kitchen that many people avoid during Navratri.

  • Regular salt: It is said that rock salt should be used instead of common salt during Navratri. It is believed that if you are fasting during Navratri, only things made of rock salt should be used in it. Some people also believe that only rock salt should be used in the nine days of Navratri, whether fasting or not.
  • Garlic: Navratri fast consists of a sattvic diet, and garlic is included in the tamasic diet. It is also believed that tamasic food causes anger and arrogance. Hence, one should abstain from eating garlic during the sattvik days of Navratras.
  • Onion: Usually, onion is a part of the tamasic diet. Hence, it is forbidden during the sattvik days of Navratras. Some people even keep onions out of the kitchen during the nine days of Navratras.
  • Non-vegetarian food: Non-vegetarian food should be avoided during the holy days of Navratri. Many believe that non-veg items should not be kept in the fridge during the Navratras.
  • Eggs: During the Navratras, eggs are also avoided in many households. One should not even keep eggs in the kitchen during this time.