4 Foods That Can Induce Memory Loss
Image Credit: Foods Inducing Memory Loss

Foods that can weaken memory: It is necessary for everyone to have a good memory, whether they are a student, working professional or a homemaker. A person with a weak memory has to suffer a lot, directly or indirectly. Although there are many reasons for memory loss, such as brain tumour, epilepsy, fits, seizure, head injury, stress, inadequate sleep, etc., But do you know the most significant reason? Weak memory can also be due to the consumption of unsuitable foods. So, yes, some foods can weaken your memory.

Here are four such foods

  1. Cholesterol and saturated fat: Scientists have found in their research that foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat have a terrible effect on your brain, causing inflammation in your nerves and cells. In addition, cholesterol is found in large quantities in animal meat, which weakens your memory causing heart diseases. Therefore, avoid their consumption or reduce their intake to a minimum. 
  2. Cheese and related products: Fat and cholesterol are found in large quantities in paneer, chenna, cheese, which are not suitable for your health and brain. If you occasionally consume these things, it is a different matter, but do not consume them regularly. Otherwise, your memory power will start to weaken. Yoghurt is very beneficial, but the fat present in it is equally harmful.
  3. Liquor: Alcohol not only harms the liver but also weakens your brain and memory. Do you know it also reduces your ability to think? Whether it is over years or a night, alcohol consumption can lead to a memory lapse. It might include difficulty recalling an entire night. Therefore, either quit it at all or minimize its consumption.
  4. Soy: Although there is a lot of protein in soy essential for your body, consuming it in excessive amounts can also surround you with brain-related disorders, such as mental retardation, dementia, amnesia, etc. Therefore, consume soy in limited quantity.