5 Foods And Beverages To Avoid During Cold And Cough
Image Credit: Things to avoid during cold and cough

The rainy season brings along various health problems for us! And one of the common health issues is cold and cough during monsoon. While several medications provide you immediate relief, it would be best if you kept yourself safe from such problems. Unfortunately, however, many face colds and coughs due to their weak immunity. This article will tell you about five such things that you should not eat during cold and cough.

Say no to packaged juice

Avoid packaged juice as it is high in sugar, and its consumption will reduce the white blood cells in your body. In addition, the acids that are added to the juice enhances sore throat. Instead of juice, drink green tea or drink warm water; this will alleviate your sore throat.

Avoid fried food

If you are experiencing a cold and cough, then you should avoid fried food. This is because the amount of fat and oil is high in fried, which forms mucus in the body. Therefore, for a few days, have soups and vegetables while staying away from fried food.

Dodge dairy products

Avoid eating milk products during cold and cough as it creates mucus, which can worsen your health. In addition, according to a study, some people have trouble having milk and related products; hence it should be avoided too.

Stay away from butter

Some people eat butter on bread every day for breakfast, but you should avoid it if you have a sore throat. Fat is present in butter, which can cause a severe cough in your throat.

Avoid Coffee

You do not have to consume coffee or caffeinated drinks during cold. Coffee produces mucus and lowers immunity, so you should not take it during a cough.

Avoid the above things during cold and cough. Instead, eat fresh fruits and vegetables during this time.