Food That Makes You Happy: 5 Feel-Good Eats To Boost The Happy Hormone In This Pandemic
Image Credit: Eat whatever makes you happy!

In these tough times, when the pandemic looming large over our heads, all one can hear about is suffering and struggle. In addition to that, we are all so worked up due to work from home that we are bound to be stressed throughout the day. This takes a toll on our mental health, running the risk of depression.   

So, for times when you are disturbed or just feeling low, gorge on these five happy foods and feel an instant rush of serotonin and dopamine in your body.   

1. Dark Chocolate  

This is like fuel for your brain. Mood-boosting compounds allow the brain to function properly, increase blood supply and reduce chances of inflammation. Moreover, the aroma and smell of dark chocolate are so good that it automatically elevates the mood.   

2. Berries

Eating berries can help to reduce your anxiety and stress, in turn lowering your risk of developing depression or any other mood disorders. They contain flavonoids that act as an anti-oxidant and help in controlling oxidative stress. 

3. Bananas  

Kids usually love bananas. Because as soon as it enters your bloodstream, it regulates irritability and mood swings and helps you keep your calm. It has a healthy bacterium that is great for the gut.   

4. Fish   

Though we’re all aware of the range of benefits of eating fish, one good thing about fatty fish that you may not know is that it helps to lower the risk of depression. It contains Omega 3-fatty acids which improve brain function and cell signaling.   

5. Oats  

If you start your day with oatmeal, you are bound to have high energy levels throughout the day. This is because the consumption of fiber enables a slow breakdown of carbs. This leads to a slower release of sugar into the bloodstream and helps to keep your energy and mood stable.