If there’s one thing that’s common besides DNA in the family members of the Great Kapoor Khandaan, it’s their shared love for food. While quite a few of them are Bollywood stars and are committed to looking fit on screen, there is no denying that off-camera you would probably catch them eating. From the late superstar Rishi Kapoor to the evergreen Anil Kapoor (to answer the puzzling look on your face – yes they are related) the Kapoors love to eat! In fact, the latest Kapoors to indulge in a food trail have been Neetu Kapoor and Anil Kapoor who were seen enjoying Nirula’s ice-cream in Delhi, with Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani while promoting their upcoming movie Jug Jugg Jeeyo. The Jug Jugg Jeeyo team has been visiting many cities in India as part of their promotional spree and have been relishing regional food, while interacting with fans. Let’s have a look at some of the dishes the Kapoor clan loves to eat: 

Rishi Kapoor 

Late superstar Rishi Kapoor was a complete foodie. From parathas to kebabs, Rishi’s love for food made it difficult for him to decide on which food was truly his favourite. In many old videos, whenever the press asked the veteran actor about which food he likes best, the actor is seen giving different replies to different people! There wasn’t a cuisine that Rishi wasn’t captured enjoying, by the paparazzi in Mumbai. Some of the dishes that Rishi has admitted to loving include Fish Fry, Yellow Dal, Dal Tadka, Palak Paneer and many different dishes from the Chinese cuisine. Apart from this Rishi also loved to have his maa ke haath ka khaana, including Parsi Akori style eggs and Yakhni Pulao. 

A funny anecdote about the foodie: Rishi’s hilarious foodie moment happened when he was shooting for a breakfast scene for the movie Housefull 2. Rishi who was a true blue Punjabi, relished eating parathas. Before his shot that involved breakfast scenes, he saw some of his crew members eating parathas. Unable to stop himself, Rishi ended up eating quite a few of them. When the time to shoot the breakfast scene for the movie came, Rishi who was already stuffed by then, found it difficult to have another morsel of food as part of shooting the scene, and the shoot had to be delayed. 

Credit: Instagram/whatsonmyplate79 and Instagram/neetu54

Neetu Kapoor 

Actress Neetu Kapoor has openly admitted to the fact that everyone in the Kapoor khandaan is a big foodie. Recently, the actress mentioned on the sets of a dance reality show on Television that everyone in the Kapoor family loves food and only thinks about it all the time. She even surprised one of the contestants with Kapoor family's special delicacies, which included Raj Kapoor ke Ghar ke Aam, Ranbir Kapoor's favourite Kali Dal, and Rishi Kapoor's favourite Suji ka Halwa. The actress herself loves to indulge in a hot bowl of drumsticks soup and simple but delicious home made food including fried bhindi, rajma rice, aloo sabzi and spiced eggplant bharta

A funny anecdote about the foodie: The actress made an interesting revelation about her wedding day and her fondness for a glass of brandy during an interview as part of the Jug Jugg Jiyo promos. She said that both she and Rishi had brandy before taking their shaadi ka pheras. This was to soothe their nerves after both of them fainted on their wedding day. In a conversation about her wedding and food, the actress candidly shared, “Jab humari shaadi ho rahi thi, main faint ho gayi thi and my husband also fainted.” Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani who were next to Neetu were surprised and asked her what she meant. Neetu further elaborated, “We both fainted, because there were too many people and my husband was petrified of crowds. So before getting onto the ghodi he fainted. So, he was having brandy, I was having brandy and that’s how our wedding was. I was drunk while taking the pheras.”

Credit: Shutterstock and Instagram/neetu54

Ranbir Kapoor 

Actor Ranbir Kapoor's fitness trainer Shivoham, has reportedly told the media that the actor loves home made food and prefers it over eating out. Talking to the press, Shivoham said, “Ranbir does not like sweets or fried food. He does not even like outside food. He always prefers eating simple, home-cooked food.” The trainer also shared that Ranbir, however, loves burgers and relishes them on his cheat days. It’s no secret that Ranbir loves to eat. The actor spoke in an interview with a leading entertainment portal about his love for food recently. Ranbir talked about his fondness for Sushi, Vada Pav, Dosa, and Bombay Duck. Mentioning a few home cooked delicacies he shared that he likes bhindi, jungli mutton curry, and paya.

A funny anecdote about the foodie: In an interaction with the media, settling the big Mumbai versus Delhi food debate once and for all, Ranbir weighed in on the side of Mumbai. When he was asked his favourite street food, Ranbir replied with, “Main bachpan se hi Mumbai mein pala badha hun…” The actor went on to share details about the street food he enjoys in his city and concluded with saying, “apke jo ruh ko ek hug deti hai I think woh khaana hi deti hai and I think mumbai street food se better kuch nahi hai zindagi mein.” 

Credit: Pexels and Instagram/neetu54

Kareena Kapoor

Actress Kareena Kapoor loves to engage in a feast every once in a while. The actress’s social media feed is full of photos and stories from her dinner parties with her friend. Whether it's India or U.K, you can find this Kapoor family member always relishing food. Kareena was recently seen enjoying a hot cup of coffee, which is her favourite beverage, on the streets of London. As evident from Bebo’s social media, some of her favourite bites include croissants, pizzas, chocolate cake, halwa and biryani. Apart from these delicacies Kareena has also confessed on going on a yummy binge spree during her pregnancy days. Talking about it, Kareena told the media, “Of course, I’ve over-indulged in eating but not on desserts. I’ve binged on biryani and other ‘Kapoor foods’ like payas… It’s the one time you can allow yourself to let go, no?"

A funny anecdote about the foodie: While attending the trailer launch of her movie Udta Punjab, Kareena started feeling hungry in between. After a while of interacting with the press, the actress couldn’t bear her hunger pangs and told the press to let her go so that she can eat food. Everyone found this extremely relatable and laughed as Bebo physically gestured that she was hungry and wanted to munch on some yummy dinner. 

Credit: Shutterstock, Instagram/kareenakapoorkhan

Karisma Kapoor 

When it comes to food, Karisma Kapoor is just like Kareena. This 90’s diva often posts about her love for food on her social media. Recently, Karisma hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and when she was asked which food is her favourite, the actress replied, "Biryani, Always." Karisma is also known for her baking skills. Her sister is often seen devouring the yummy treats that Karisma bakes in her kitchen. The actress also loves to eat Rogan Josh, Dal Makhani and other such delicacies from the regional cuisines of India. 

A funny anecdote about the foodie: Karisma’s sassy comebacks have always kept her fans and followers entertained on social media. Recently, the foodie took to her social media to share a video devouring a plate of Biryani, and wrote, “I don’t do boyfriend… I do biryani.”

Credit: Shutterstock and Instagram/therealkarismaapoor