Food-Related Myths You Should Immediately Stop Believing
Image Credit: Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

Food is associated with an array of myths that influence most people’s eating habits. In a bid to be healthy, some practice eating rules based on what they find on the Internet. For example – intermittent fasting. Though it has been found to be effective in weight loss, this diet is not advisable to all and even those who do follow intermittent fasting, abide by certain rules in terms of what they need to have during the eating duration and what else would follow around that. So, if you want to shed those extra kilos, intermittent fasting may or may not be the right thing for you. Similarly, there are some other food-related myths you should immediately stop believing. Some of them are mentioned below. 

Honey Has an Expiry Date

No, that’s not true. Honey can remain eatable for centuries if kept in a sealed container. This is what National Honey Board states. With time, you may see changes in the colour of honey and its aroma. It may even crystallize but that doesn’t mean the honey is not safe to have. Notably, we are talking about the real and raw honey and not the processed and packages that you buy from stores. 

Genetically Modified Foods Are Dangerous

GMOs are actually good as they do not turn brown as quickly as other items. They are even resistant to certain weed killers. As per the National Academy for Sciences, having genetically modified foods doesn’t pose health risks. 

French Fries Have Its Origin in France

According to National Geographic, though the origin of French fries is the subject of debate, there is enough proof of them belonging originally from Belgium. Those who still believe this fast food is associated with France should know that the French do not even call fried potato by this name. In fact, they called them frites.

Snacking is Not Good for Health

Now, this is an incomplete piece of information. Snacking is bad only if you stuff your stomach with unhealthy and bad cholesterol-rich food items like burgers, pizza, French fries, etc. Binging on bananas, walnuts, carrots, and other such food items to keep those hunger pangs at bay is a good habit. 

All Green Juices Are Healthy For The Body

Firstly, you should always have fruits instead of fruit juices. You ask, why? That’s because when you turn fresh produce into juice, it lacks fiber and becomes a concentrated source of sugar. Having it means increasing your blood sugar level.