Food Processor vs. Blender vs. Mixer Grinder: Key Differences
Image Credit: Unsplash

Investing in the right type of kitchen appliances is imperative to enabling better functionality and time management in a kitchen. Most options available in the market these days might be perceived as more complicated and confusing than the last. Since certain appliances overlap in similarity or the purpose of utility, they also consist of marked differences and features that vary slightly.

The idea behind understanding and being aware of the right choice for your kitchen might also depend on the levels of cooking that you may undertake. If you’re a novice cook, having either one of these appliances would be more than plenty unlike someone who wishes to experiment and cook more often. While a food processor is an appliance with several blades that allows you to shred, chop, slice and mince ingredients, a mixer grinder can be used to blend, knead or grind ingredients. Similarly, a blender is an appliance used to puree or crush ingredients.

The easiest manner to identify the functionalities of each is as follows:

  • If the outcome of a dish must be eaten with a spoon or fork, a food processor should be your appliance of choice.
  • If something must be liquified, or drizzled or poured, a blender jar is the right kind of appliance for this purpose.
  • If you want to coarsely grind nuts, spices and pastes, having a mixer grinder comes in handy.

Another characteristic to consider with buying either of these appliances is the amount of space you have to accommodate them in your kitchen. A blender jar is sleek and narrow, therefore occupying as much space on the circumference, in terms of storage. While a food processor is a relatively elaborate set up and needs a designated space of its own in the kitchen, unlike a mixer-grinder, which is more compact and easier to maintain.

With respect to the advantages of each equipment, a blender jar with a single fixed blade, is perfect to crush ice or make smooth purees. It also has a tall jar which makes it easier to pour contents out from. A food processor on the other hand is ideal to make anything that consists texture; think cauliflower rice, coleslaw, or sliced pickles. Moreover, having a food processor allows the advantage of making fluffy and light aiolis, dips, mayonnaise and salsas. With a mixer-grinder, pureeing tomatoes, grinding ginger-garlic pastes chopping hard ingredients like almonds or walnuts should feel like a breeze.

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