Plate Up Like A Pro: 6 Modern Food Plating Ideas And Techniques
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Does food presentation matter? Yes, it does. The style in which you offer your food is what entices people to try it at. How do we eat? We presumably eat with our insights: what we smell, feel and see. So, do you aspire to make your meals look appetising? Or do you wish to set up your food like you see at restaurants? If you are searching for the key to these problems, read this article. Here is the discovery to make your meals look marvellous for that ideal Instagram image.

Choose The Hero Ingredient

Are you serving roasted panfish with rice and veggies? Or a luscious sweet with sprinkles and sauce? Then keep the dessert or fish item in the centre and take it as the focal point. However, you can adjust the rest respectively. How to plate for an appetizer? Serve in a way that everyone can pick the finger foods while fiddling with the dips.

Tone It Right

Enliven up your dish by putting multicoloured greens beside a plain paneer or chicken dish. For children, play with shades and design patterns such as cartoon ideas, animal faces etc.

Add Tadka To The Texture

Do you have a thick hummus or bland sauce to serve? Design patterns with your fork or spoon and build layers with flat pieces piled over one another.

Have It Neat And Clean

To produce an appealing gaze, carefully wipe all the excess crumbs or food items. Has the damage been done more? Begin fresh on a new plate.

Garnish Sumptuously

Keep the garnishing simple and never go overboard with it. Instead of heaping loads of ingredients, get all the topping parts edible on the dish.

Suitable Plate For The Food

  1. If you serve gravy and rice, you must ensure you don’t spill the contents. Hence, never choose a flat plate.
  2. Pick a traditional white dish for contrast if you have various picturesque pieces of food.
  3. Select any solid contrasting shade if you are serving just one food item.

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