Food On The Rails, Comparing The Train Foods In India
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Taking a journey by train will always remain a unique experience. The joy of packing food and having fun with your friends and family during the train journey is unmatched. You also see new sceneries and meet new people while travelling to a destination. The Indian Railways have started a lot of new train routes in recent times that serve delicious food to passengers. You can simply book a meal for yourself at the time of ticket reservation and you will be served hot and fresh food on time. Let's have a look at some of the most delicious meals offered by the top trains in India.

* Vande Bharata Express

This is one of the newest editions of fast-speed trains by the Indian Railways. It is India's significant step towards modernising the railways in the country and introducing high-speed trains. The interior of the train is ravishing and so are the meals offered on the train. The train is running in limited areas only and provides a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner option to the passengers. For breakfast, you can expect to receive Aloo Puri, Paratha, cutlet and fruit juice. They also serve muffins or some sweet items along with breakfast. Tea and coffee are also given to the passengers just before breakfast along with some cookies. 

For lunch, you will get a hearty meal that consists of sabji, roti, dal and rice. You will also get fresh salad along with the meal. Sweet dishes depend on the day and the menu. Generally passengers are given Gulab Jamun or vanilla ice cream. The dinner is also very similar to the lunch and is served on accurate time to all the passengers. The food is generally fresh and subtle in taste so that people of all age groups can eat it comfortably. Most people are not able to finish all the food as Vande Bharta is quite generous when it comes to quantity and variety.

* Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi is one of the oldest running trains in India and is known for its fast speed. This train runs between multiple routes in India and is known for being always on time. The food in Shatabdi Express is simple and delicious. You get to choose between vegetarian or non-vegetarian food during the time of reservation. If you choose a vegetarian option, then you will get vegetable cutlets along with slices of bread for breakfast. You will also get a small piece of butter along with salt and pepper. You can assort the sandwich by yourself and enjoy the fruit juice that is given along the breakfast, 

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Shatabdi Express also serves its passengers tea before breakfast. If you choose a non-vegetarian option, then you will be given an omelette instead of vegetable cutlets and everything else will be the same. For lunch, a proper Indian meal is given to the passengers. The menu of the meal depends on the route travelled by passengers. Generally, it's a proper Indian meal that comprises rice, sabji, Dal and roti. The dinner menu is also the same. If you choose a vegetarian option, then you are given all the vegetarian curries and dal. On the other hand, if you choose a non-vegetarian option, then you will be given a chicken-based sabji.

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* Tejas Express

Tejas Express is another very famous and fast train of India. This train is also travelling on limited routes right now as it has been recently introduced. It is compulsory to opt for food on this train. For the morning you will be served with tea or coffee along with cookies. This will be followed by a chaach or lemonade if you are travelling in the executive class. Following this you will be served with vegetable cutlet along with poha. Another combination that you might get is a couple of vegetable uttapams along with sweet vermicelli. For lunch and dinner, a proper Indian meal consisting of a vegetable soup, a sabji that is either made of Paneer or chicken, depending upon what you have chosen, Paratha or roti, dal and rice will be given. For dessert, you will be served with ice cream or Gulab Jamun. Quality is given a lot of consideration during the preparation of these meals and all of these are served fresh to the passengers.

Note: These are the meals offered in the top trains of Indian Railways. We would like you to know that the menu is subject to change depending on the route of a particular train and the day. Generally, the menus are not fixed and may vary because of various reasons.