Food Items You Should Stay Away From During Rainy Season
Image Credit: Mushroom (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Monsoon has finally arrived offering us relief from the scorching heat. Don't be happy! As usual, it has brought its own set of risks that can leave us bed-ridden for a few days. Yes, that's no news to us. The risk of food and water contamination is high during the rainy season and therefore you need to be extra cautious when it comes to eating anything from outside during the monsoon. This is significant for keeping food-borne diseases such as food poisoning, bloating, diarrhea, etc. at bay. To prevent such happenings, we share a list of commonly-eaten foods that you should try to do away with in order to keep monsoon blues at bay. 


Owing to a moisture-laden atmosphere, mushrooms are prone to get infected by bacteria and insects. In addition, the damp air and close proximity to soil make mushrooms even more ideal for bacterial growth. Your probability of having bacteria-infected mushrooms during the rainy season is high as you cannot see the pathogen through naked eyes. 

Sour Food Items

Opting for sour foods like tamarind, pickles, or chutneys during the rainy season can make you feel bloated as they may lead to water retention in the body. 

Seafood And Meat

These non-vegetarians edibles breed during monsoon and therefore you should bid adieu to them at least during this season. Not doing so can increase your risk of getting infected with waterborne diseases and food poisoning as both seafood and meat could be carriers of infections. 

Outside Food or Roadside Juices

As we mentioned at the very beginning of the article, humidity in the monsoon is perfect for bacterial and fungal growth. Foods that you eat outside are not always fresh and therefore can be infected with a pathogen. In addition, roadside juices may seem to be a relief from humid weather but we know that street vendors mostly keep already cut fruits and that's what makes the edibles a breeding ground for pathogens. Thus, having juices outside can be debilitating for your health. So, it is advised to prepare fruit juices at home