Food Items That Are Perfect For Treating Dehydration Symptoms
Image Credit: Water-rich food (Picture Courtesy: pixabay)

Summer is currently at its peak. This weather condition is associated with a myriad of problems including dehydration. A soaring temperature not only makes you sweat a lot but causes electrolyte imbalance too. Your health condition can become worse especially when you stop consuming enough water. Excessive loss of fluid in the body affects your physical and mental health too. Heat exhaustion can lead to dry mouth, sleepiness, decreased urination, dizziness, diarrhea, headache, etc. It can negatively impact your mood and cognitive function too. You can avoid these occurrences by opting for a few water-rich food items. Read on to know about them.


Cucumbers are 95 per cent water. They are packed with anti-inflammatory compounds that can help in soothing skin irritation and also flush out waste from the body. Moreover, cucumbers can fight against ageing and wrinkles too, says a study published in the research published in the journal Fitoterapia. 


This summer treat contains 91 per cent water. It is rich in lycopene. This bright red carotenoid hydrocarbon can potentially protect cells from sun damage and can improve your complexion too. Watermelon is one of the healthiest fruits to have in summer. It contains vitamin C, A, fiber, and magnesium too. 


The water content of strawberries is also 91 per cent and that’s what makes it a super-hydrating fruit. Eating strawberries can offer you disease-fighting antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, manganese, folate, minerals, and more. Science has proved that strawberries reduce inflammation and protect your cardiovascular system too. 


This nutrient-dense fruit contains close to 90 per cent water and contains multi-nutrients including vitamin A, C, potassium, minerals, etc. It has strong antioxidants too that can fight against harmful free radicals.