Are you bored of eating run-off-the-mill food? Try these food hacks and make your bland food enjoyable with easy tips. Today, we'll tell you how to make egg laddoos, muffins, and how to make smoothies in 20 seconds. Then what is the delay? Let's start knowing the interesting food hacks.

How to prepare a smoothie in 20 seconds?

There is nothing better than juice or a smoothie to start the day. So if you want to prepare a smoothie in 20 seconds, then cut fruit pieces in your free time and keep them in the fridge. Then, grind these pieces with a glass of milk or a bowl of curd in a mixer for 15 seconds in the morning. Finally, your smoothie is ready; serve it in a glass and drink it.

Breakfast with herb butter

If you eat bread-butter in the morning, use herb butter instead of your butter, for added taste and nutrition. How to make it? Melt the butter in the ice tray, put thyme, mint or rosemary on top, and keep it in the freezer. Now take out a butter cube every morning and eat it with bread. This will give you instant energy.

How to give your coffee that extra kick of caffeine?

This pro-tip is for you if you are an ardent iced coffee lover. You should try putting some fresh coffee beans in an iced tray in the freezer. Then while making iced coffee, grind these ice cubes with milk in a mixer. This will make the coffee more caffeinated.

How to make egg muffins?

Do you know that muffins are a healthy and energy-boosting breakfast? For this, cut red pepper, onion and mushroom into small pieces, boil, fry it and keep it in a muffin tray. Then add milk to the egg, put it in a microwave tray to bake. Your egg muffin is ready. Now you can eat it for breakfast.

Egg Ladoo

Want to try something different with eggs? Then try making egg ladoos. Collect the eggs by breaking them in a plastic wrapper or clingfilm, make them round, and boil them in hot water for two to three minutes. Your egg ladoo is ready. You can have it for lunch.