Food Hack: Twitter Woman Uses Scissors To Cut Pizza, Netizens Are Confused
Image Credit: Screengrab of Viral tweet/Twitter, Do you cut pizza with a cutter or scissors?

The tussle between siblings or a group of friends for sharing that last slice of pizza is no stranger to us. No one wants to deprive themselves of that heavenly last slice. However, the bigger problem lies when you are sharing an entire pizza with someone. You might notice that they have grabbed most of the bigger slices and you end up getting the smaller ones to nibble on. Now, it may sound petty to fight over the bigger slice but a true pizza lover will go to any ends to get a fair deal. 

Funnily, this happens with me all the time. My sister and I fight over a bigger portion of biryani, more number of fries and much more because both of us are hard-core foodies. When it comes to pizza, it gets tough to decide who gets which slice because not all slices are cut equally. Seems like we have found the solution, all thanks to this woman’s latest viral tweet. The user, who goes by the name, @abidickson recently shared a pizza cutting hack on her handle and sparked a debate. Here is what she said. 

                Source: Abi Dickson 

Now that she mentions that cutting pizza with scissors is a better option, the netizens bombarded the comments with a host of mixed reactions. While some said that the reason for the invention of a pizza cutter was for this purpose only so why would someone use scissors, there were a few others who remarked that they had tried the hack and “never looked back”. 

We’re quite intrigued with this interesting food hack shared by the woman and would love to try it sometime. If you are curious too, then make some pizza first. Try these delicious pizza recipes today. 

1.  Pesto Sausage Pizza 

Slather the base with some yummy pesto sauce and drop in some chunky sausages into it. Add to that some mushrooms, olives and jalapenos for toppings and grated some cheesy. Bake it and eat it hot. 

2.  Apple Cheddar Bacon Pizza 

Take some apples, slice them and toss some bacon in a pan. Spread your barbeque sauce on the base along with finely cut apples. Throw in some bacon and sprinkle loads of cheddar to be baked into a cheesy pizza. 

3.  Deep Dish Pizza With Spicy Salami 

Thick and deep-dish base of the pizza makes it really filling. Stuffed with layers of cheese on the inside and on top, the pizza is given a meaty flavour with a stuffing of spicy salami.