Food Delivery On Horseback As Hyderabad Faces Fuel Shortage

In the Chanchalguda area of Hyderabad, a Zomato delivery agent resorted to a horseback ride to ensure he could deliver a food order for a waiting customer. As the fuel shortage problem worsens and long queues, closed petrol pumps and strike by oil tanker dealers become a serious issue, the partner decided to use one of the oldest ways of transportation while navigating crowded streets near the Imperial Hotel.

Seen carrying the bag of food, the man appeared at ease while the horse trotted on the roads, amidst traffic – a video of which was shared on social media and made viral. Following the rumours of a nationwide protest for fuel shortages which led to panic buying, the All India Motor Transport Congress called off the trucker’s strike. The strike – which was in response to the proposal of imposing sever penalties on drivers who flee an accident spot, extensive discussions with the government has led to a mutual agreement of considering all the factors involved before the law is passed.

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The delivery person in question, who was also one of those affected by the fuel shortage, mentioned to a by-stander that he waited in line for three hours before he finally gave up and decided to get on a horseback. The proposed law by the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita imposes a fine of up to 7 lakhs or 10 years of imprisonment to drivers who are responsible for serious road accidents, through negligent driving and failing to report the incident to the police or administrative officials.