Fond Of Eating And Watching Movies Too? This Funny Video Explains It
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

Foodies know that it's impossible to sit in front of the screen without a plate of decadent treats and complimenting beverages. No movie spree is complete without a delicious food binge along with some refreshing beverages on the side. For a foodie and cinephile like me, no movie can play without a large pizza, choco-lava cake and coke on the side and I think you can relate to me too. Nothing can work for foodies without a generous “pet-pooja”. Although we order food in bulk to make it last for the entire duration of a movie, we know that it never works. Things go in the other direction with food in front of us and die-hard foodies with their hands on it. Well, if you get what I’m saying, then this viral Instagram video will make you relate to it. Take a look:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram blogger @chefkoudy, the blogger is seen sitting in front of a screen with a platter of decadent treats in front of him. From cookies, noodles, chips to a bottle of drink, the platter will make anyone drool over it in no time. Anyways, getting back to the clip, the video has the 20th Century Fox music playing in the background marking the commencement of the movie. Although the chef had planned to eat the yummy treats throughout the movie, the platter is seen to be empty by the time the intro music gets over. Relatable much? Ah, we know.

Just like us, million other foodies have related to the video which made the video gain 3 million views, 263k likes and thousands of comments. The comments section is filled with hilarious and relatable comments. Take a look yourself:

“My dad always finishes OUR popcorn before the movie EVEN BEGINS”

“Haha binge eating at its best 😂”

“Me during every harry potter movie”

“It’s when you’re at the cinema and the popcorn is done before the credits end”

Do you relate to this video? Do let us know your experiences of eating while watching movies.