Following A Healthy Diet? You Can Still Enjoy Christmas With This Healthy Plum Cake

The year 2021 is about to come to an end and almost all of us will agree that the year was a roller-coaster ride.From innumerable fatalities due to the second wave of COVID to the feeling of finally going to schools and colleges, we cannot name all the peaks and valleys of this year in one go. With these ups and downs, we made numerous promises and resolutions to make ourselves stronger. One of these resolutions is staying healthy. With the onset of the pandemic, most of us were aware of the importance of following a good healthy diet and indulging in physical exercise. And the year was almost filled with healthy ingredient swaps to make even the most impossible foods healthy.

As the year is about to end and Christmas is almost here, we know your tastebuds are teasing you to cheat on your diet and devour in the delicious Christmas spread. Not gonna lie, even I am on the verge of ditching the gym for a day or two and cheating on my diet. But will you believe us if we tell you you can enjoy the classic Christmas plum cake without gaining extra kilos? Ah, we know it’s difficult but here’s the hack.

  1. Alcohol and refined flour in the plum cake are responsible for increasing the calories in the classic Christmas delight. You can make a healthier version of it by substituting these ingredients with healthy ingredients. 
  2. For the start, replace the alcohol with apple juice. Soak the dry fruits in the apple juice overnight for similar flavours. 
  3. You can eliminate the sugary toppings and caramel and sugar is definitely not healthy ingredient to indulge in.
  4. Make the batter with whole wheat flour for eliminating the trans fat from the refined flour.

Now that you know how to make a healthy plum cake at home, nothing should stop you from indulging in the Christmas classic this Christmas. Do try it at home and let us know how you like it.