Flavours of India: Historical Facts About 4 Spices That Make Kitchens of India Regal
Image Credit: Spices (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Imagine yourself getting plain food with no turmeric or blend of other spices every day. Will you enjoy it or just swallow? We understand that even the thought of a complete absence of spices in our food can make most people feel miffed. That’s big is the impact of flavouring and condiments on any dish, especially for Indians. Spices not only add flavours to any dish but also brings it to life. Most people can simply guess the dish by the smell of the flavor mix. Indian kitchens possess a variety of spices that make any dish look splendid and taste scrumptious. Let’s explore some of those culinary magic mix.  

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

There is hardly any Indian dish that doesn’t require turmeric. It is one of the most basic spices that is used majorly to add a ting of yellow colour and the power of medicine. This golden condiment has been in use for nearly 4000 years now. Turmeric had religious significance in Vedic times and shares a long history of use for medicinal purposes in South Asia. Currently, India is the largest producer of this spice and ends up consuming around 80 per cent of it. 

Aren't these spices and their historical facts interesting and useful enough? If not, we will be back soon with a piece of writing on some other important spices and their stories as well. Till then, let spices spice your life!