Five Must-Have Cookbooks That Are Worth Your Money
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A good cookbook is as satisfying as a good meal. If you’ve had a tryst with your kitchen, you would know how precious it is to build a collection of the choicest cookbooks, whose pages you can flip through from time to time. Whether it is to discover new recipes, cooking techniques or simply because you enjoy browsing through beautiful images of food, cookbooks are a part of the culinary universe that is tangible and fascinating, at the same time.

While we’re flooded with options online of titles that focus on specific cuisines, cooking techniques, culinary traditions, dietary restrictions and many other layers to cooking, we’ve curated a list of five handpicked titles that you must have on your shelves, irrespective of whether you’re a cooking wizard or an amateur in the kitchen. Read on to find out.

That Sounds So Good: 100 Real Life Recipes for Every Day of the Week

 ASIN ID - 0593138252   

Published in October 2021 by renowned culinary figure Carla Lalli Music, That Sounds So Good explores the challenges of cooking meals everyday with humour, a step-by-step prep routine as well as some delicious recipes that won’t make you break into a sweat, at the thought of cooking dinner after a long day at work. What’s better is that it weirdly also makes for great bedtime reading!

The Andhra Cookbook

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Breaking the stereotypes associated with regional Andhra-style cooking, this cookbook by Komala Sista Rao offers an in-depth peek into regional cooking. Andhra cuisine is usually labelled as too spicy and robust. The cookbook helps in understanding and offering insight into the complexity of the cuisine as well as some recipes to try at home.

Cook Korean: A Comic Book With Recipes

 ASIN ID - 1607748878   

This gorgeous illustrated cookbook is one of the few worth having in your collection. Replete with colourful illustrations of the process and ingredients and plenty of easy Korean recipes to try, this book by Robin Ha has many surprising items in store – like the unusual Yakult and Soju cocktail and a recipe to make Korean barbecue at home.

660 Curries

 ASIN ID - 0761137874   

Raghavan Iyer’s cookbook is a food lover’s extravaganza. 660 curries explores the concept of a curry and what the building blocks of a good curry are, along with unveiling a mileu of recipes that enlist a number of ways to make curry from across Indian communities and cultures. 660 curries demystifies and decodes the art of making a great curry and comes highly recommended by gourmands.

Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook

  ASIN ID - 1785031163 

With 130 recipes from the legendary culinary figure, Yotam Ottolenghi, Simple explores the chef-author’s favourite flavours through dishes that can be thrown together in 30 minutes or less. No matter what type of cooking you associate yourself with, this cookbook has something for everyone.