Finland's Kaffa Roastery Introduces AI-Generated Coffee Blend
Image Credit: Instagram/ @kaffaroastery

The rise of technology and Artificial Intelligence in various sectors is not new. The science is pacing at a great speed, and the people around are working harder to catch the speed. Even though the use of artificial intelligence and bots in tech industries was foreseen, their spread in the food industry is a surprise to everyone.

For the first time in the world, a roastery in Finland called Kaffa Roastery has created a unique coffee blend with the help of artificial intelligence. They perfectly name their blend “AI-conic”, which uses four different types of coffee beans to give the customers a perfect brew. Read on to learn more about the coffee blend created by AI.

How Was “AI-Conic” Created?

While the use of artificial intelligence in food and beverage is still in its early stages, the Finland-based roastery marked an entry point. As per reports, the AI-generated coffee blend was made with the combined efforts of a local AI firm, Elev, and coffee experts since 2007, Kaffa. Elev has reportedly stated that after mapping data of constant coffee consumers, they used the AI models ChatGPT and Copilot to get the perfect ratios for a coffee blend that coffee connoisseurs would like. Its taste has been reported to be a “well-balanced blend of sweetness and ripe fruit.”

Keeping in mind the origin of the bean, roast profile, flavour profile, and the preferences of the consumer, Kaffa Roastery was able to create a tailor-made coffee blend using artificial intelligence. The reports suggest that the blend has a majority of Brazil Fazenda Pinhal beans along with Geruke from Ethiopia, Colombian San Lorenzo, and Guatemala’s La Bolsa.

As reported, after the first trial of the AI-generated coffee blend, the results surprised everyone as the blend was just perfect. It did not require any adjustments by a barista and could be used as is. The results, therefore, have opened many gates to welcome technology and artificial intelligence into the food and beverage industry to revolutionise the industry.