Finish 4kg ‘Bullet Thali’ of This Pune-Based Eatery in 60 Minutes And Win a Royal Enfield

You must have heard of some kind of insane eating challenge in which you get a big amount or some materialistic thing as a prize if you win. Coming up with unique food challenges is one of the most common ways to increase your sale. Many restaurants have started to do that to woe foodies.

A Pune-based restaurant owner named Atul Waikar has also come up with such a contest wherein you get a Royal Enfield Bullet if you become the winner of the “Win a Bullet Bike Contest”. In a bid to drive consumers to his restaurant named Shivraj Hotel, the owner is offering a Rs 1.65 lakh bike to those who will be able to finish a ‘Bullet Thali” in 60 minutes. This Thali weighs 4 kg and contains 12 different types of non-vegetarian dishes including grey mutton, Pomfret fried fish, dry mutton, fried surmai, kolumbi biryani, etc. A total of 55 people prepare this Thali worth Rs 2500 for customers.

Till now, only one person named Somnath Pawar has won this contest and was offered a Bullet. He belongs to the Solapur district in Maharashtra. The owner of the hotel is getting a good response from people and his income has experienced a boom post the launch of this contest.

Atul Waikar had earlier come up with a food contest in which 4 people had to finish a Thali weighing 8 kgs in just 60 minutes. Winners used to get Rs 5000 in cash apart.

Does this story make you hungry? If yes you should go for the “Bullet Thali” and try your luck.