Festive Food: 8 Delectable Japanese Dishes That You’ll Love
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Festival food is undoubtedly one of the many things to appreciate at Japanese matsuri (festivals). There are numerous food stands at several Japanese festivals, each offering something unique. Some of the food you encounter may be strange to you, but worry not: we've put up a valuable list of matsuri foods to help you navigate Japan's festival cuisine!


The Japanese street snack taiyaki is well-known. They're fish-shaped cakes filled with red bean paste, although they can also have sweet potato, custard, or chocolate fillings. Taiyaki is made on a special pan that looks like a waffle maker but has a precise fish-shaped mould that gives it its distinctive look.

Jaga Bata

 There you have it, the best Japanese festive food that you will adore and savour throughout.