Does Consuming Fermented Rice Daily Benefits Our Health?
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Often, you have witnessed your mother serving you fermented rice when you’re ill and not in a mood to have breakfast. The left-over rice in the refrigerator can be made into a healthy and nutritious dish when you lack any breakfast or lunch options. But have you wondered whether having fermented rice daily is good for your health or not? 

Well, it is. In Indian kitchens, fermented rice has been an integral part of the diet for centuries. It is enjoyed as a perfect breakfast option for many people across the country. From Poila Bhat to Pazhamkanji, Geel Bhat to Chaddannam, and Poita Bhat, fermented rice has been consumed in various forms. We have researched and found out that consuming fermented rice daily is good for your health.  

Why Is Fermented Rice Healthy?  

Fermented rice is rich in microflora, which acts as a probiotic. This helps in curing gut-related problems and provides better immunity, good digestion, and glassy skin and hair. Besides, fermented rice acts as an electrolyte, thus curing fatigue, weakness, and dehydration. 

When rice is fermented, it gets enriched with various antimicrobial and antioxidant substances and metabolites like phenolics, flavonoids, vitamin E, phytosterol, linoleic acid, anthocyanin, and others. In turn, these body friendly bacteria play an important role in reducing cholesterol, improving peristalsis, and preventing diarrhoea. 

During the fermentation of rice, there is an increase in the availability of several nutrients, such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. Fermenting the rice for 12 hours increases the iron content 21 times compared to regular cooked rice, thus making it healthier. Eating fermented rice regularly reduces fatigue, owing to the high Vitamin B12 concentration. This dish works as a miracle for sleep-deprived individuals. Besides, it is gut-friendly, rich in probiotics, restores healthy intestinal flora, and can heal and prevent gastrointestinal problems.  

How To Make Fermented Rice?  

Often, fermented rice is made by soaking the left-over rice from the previous day in water. The following day, salt is added to the fermented rice, which is mashed thoroughly. Also, buttermilk or curd is added to this mixture and consumed for breakfast. 

Here’s how you can make fermented rice: 


  • 2 cups cooked rice (leftover from the previous day)  
  • Water for soaking  
  • 1 teaspoon salt (or to taste)  
  • 1 cup of buttermilk 

For Toppings:  

  • Grated carrot  
  • Chopped cucumber  
  • Roasted peanuts  
  • Chopped coriander leaves  


  • Take the cooked rice from the previous day and place it in an earthen pot or any other container.  
  • Add enough water to submerge the rice.  
  • Cover the pot or container and let it sit at room temperature for fermentation to occur.  
  • The next day, the fermented rice will smell a bit sour and appear softer in texture.  
  • Add salt and mash with a spoon or hands until it becomes a coarse paste.  
  • Once the rice is mashed, pour in the buttermilk and mix well to combine. The buttermilk adds a tangy flavour and enhances the texture of the dish.  
  • Transfer the fermented rice mixture to a serving bowl. 
  • You can add some seasonal toppings like grated carrots, chopped cucumber, roasted peanuts, and chopped coriander leaves.