Feeling Nauseous? Here Are 5 Foods That’ll Make You Feel Better
Image Credit: From bananas to oats, several foods can aid in eliminating the nauseous feelings.

When you are feeling nauseous, it is very difficult to eat or drink anything. Nausea is a state of uneasiness in the stomach which gives of you a sensation of vomiting. Prolonged periods of nauseous feelings can interfere with your daily routine and also affect your nutrient intake. In such cases, even the thought of food aggravates the feeling, let alone the sight.  

It is important to stay away from cooking and being present around highly odorous food. But in order to gain your strength for recovery, eating is important.  

Here are five foods that will suppress the feeling of nausea and make you feel better.  

1.  Cold Beverages  

If you don’t feel like eating, it is best to stick to fluid intake. Keeping yourself hydrated during such times is the key. Apart from regular water, you should consume cold drinks, oral solutions, flavoured sodas and clear juices and coconut water. Avoid dairy-based beverages and sweetened drinks as they may make things worse.  

2.  Bananas  

Despite the uneasiness, solid food intake is necessary. However, it should be one that is easy to digest and not very heavy. Bananas give you energy and the lost nutrients like potassium to fasten the recovery.  

3.  Dry Food 

Dry foods are odour-less and easy to digest. Opt for things that have a plain taste like cereals, oats, crackers etc. These give you energy that you have lost in the process.  

4.  Herbal Tea  

It is very soothing to drink herbal tea when feeling nauseated. Chamomile and peppermint tea are fine examples of the same. They lessen the feeling of vomiting.  

5.  Ginger  

You can consume ginger in the form of biscuits, ginger tea, ginger ale or crystallized ginger. This is common remedy for stomach-related problems. It can also be used to ease motion sickness.