Feeling Lazy For Breakfast? Here's 7 Easy Mac And Cheese Ideas
Image Credit: Pixabay

When you hear mac and cheese, the first thought that comes to your mind is that it needs to be cheesy and different from what you had before. Mac and cheese is very tasty, but nobody likes the same dish with no variation from time to time. 

Mac and cheese is a quick fix to your lazy mornings making your breakfast very soulful and soothing at the same time. It also makes your tummy full and occupied for the day. Mac and cheese is a very simple and highly customisable dish that fits your preferences and choices however you like. You can make it sweet; you can make it spicy, and you can also make it savoury at the same time with lots of crispiness added to it from bacon and the grilled cheese top. 

Don't think much of it, but grab your apron to make one of the best-tasting lazy mac and cheese dishes you will come across. Be on a loop and try these dishes today.

1. Spicy Masala Mac And Cheese: Add cumin, coriander, red chilli powder or Maggie masala powder to make the dish pop. Adding toasted cumin seeds will also help provide a crunchy and aromatic dish, creating a spicy, creamy, and crunchy mac and cheese that leaves your palate tingling without much effort.

2. Bacon And Egg Mac And Cheese: Want to make your taste buds dance with mac and cheese creamy richness and smoky bacon's elegant flavour with perfectly runny egg yolk? Never underestimate the power of simple dishes. Each bite feels crispy bacon bits and has a gooey centre of the egg, creating a breakfast masterpiece that's both comforting and easy to make with a cooking time of 20 minutes. You can use hot honey to make the dish unique.

3. Sausage And Hash Brown Mac And Cheese: Taste heartiness with this mac and cheese creation. The robust flavours of breakfast sausage with the creamy mac and cheese, while crispy hash browns add a crunch like never before. Every bite is a haven made of savoury taste, a perfect balance between the creamy, the savoury, and the delightfully crispy, lazy breakfast to blow your mind.

4. Paneer Tikka Mac And Cheese: Had Indian food last night? The taste of creamy mac and cheese and the smokiness of paneer with the freshness of veggies create a uniquely satisfying experience. Use the leftovers to make this quick dish. The smoky and charred flavour from tandoori-spiced paneer cubes with cheese makes the perfect shortcut to craving, with green bell peppers and onions crispness. 

5. Veggie Delight Mac And Cheese: Try vegetarian mac and cheese. Add sautéed bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes to elevate the dish, offering various colours and flavours. It has a refreshing experience, where the creaminess of the mac and cheese is mixed with the juiciness of the veggies, creating a freshness that delights the senses. You can add an egg on top to enhance the taste or add a pea for flavour.

6. Smoked Salmon And Cream Cheese Mac And Cheese: Want easy and luxuriously creamy simultaneously? Add smoked salmon in mac from the night before. This dish is further adorned with the tangy richness of cream cheese. Each bite is a decadent journey, where cheese meets the umami of smoked salmon and the creaminess of cream cheese, creating a culinary masterpiece. You can also add blue cheese to elevate it.

7. Avocado And Tomato Mac And Cheese: The initial bite is light and satisfying, where the creaminess of the cheese is balanced by the freshness of avocado and the juicy burst of cherry tomatoes, creating a guilt-free delight. An unusual combination where veggies give the kick and cheese will make the dish soul-soothing. Try out creamy mac and cheese, as avocado's richness and cherry tomatoes balance the meal perfectly.