Feast on Burj Khalifa Dosa at This Mumbai-Based Eatery
Image Credit: Masala Dosa (Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)

We as humans never fail to experiment. Whether it is in the scientific or the culinary field. Some food connoisseurs have taken experimentation to another level and have developed some of the funkiest dishes ever. You may have heard of Flying Dosa, and actor Shruti Hassan’s most favourite Disco Dosa, but have you come across Burj Khalifa Dosa? This is another delicious dosa option with a twist of Aamchi Mumbai. 

Inspired by the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, this dosa has managed to grab eyeballs for all the right reasons. To grab a bite of the same, you need to visit Mumbai’s Angel Dosa Centre situated in Thane West. Three-layered Burj Khalifa Dosa is this eatery’s best seller. It is prepared with various aromatic ingredients. While the first and second layers of Burj Khalifa Dosa are filled with crushed paneer and noodles, the third layer is stuffed with Manchurian balls. In the end, it is topped with lots of cheese and oodles of mayonnaise. The restaurant serves this dosa with delicious chutney and flavoursome sambhar. 

To have a bite of Mumbai’s tallest dosa, you need to pay just Rs 400 and most probably need a bunch of friends to finish this feast considering its size. Preparing this super scrumptious dosa requires a lot of patience. If you happen to visit Mumbai’s Angel Dosa Centre, do watch the entire process that goes into the preparation of Burj Khalifa Dosa. It is truly a treat to watch oodles of cheese going into the preparation of this ultimate treat. To hold the tower of dosas together, mayonnaise is used as glue. 

Apart from Mumbai’s tallest dosa, Angel Dosa Centre serves more than 50 varieties of this South Indian dish. From simple Masala Dosa to Paneer Chopsuey Dosa, Pizza Dosa, and more, you will get all you want to satisfy your cravings.

We have mentioned a detailed recipe for most popular Masala Dosa, in case you wish to try it at home.