Father’s Day 2024: Grandma-Special Indian Recipes For Your Dad

While everyone celebrates Mother’s Day with full enthusiasm, the silent support that fathers give usually goes unnoticed. But with Father’s Day across the corner, this is your chance to make your dad feel like the superhero that he must have always been. The weekend movie shows, shopping malls or restaurant deals might tempt you, but as they say, “the way to a person’s heart goes through his stomach.”

So, to make a heartfelt gesture for your father, the best thing to do would be to cook for them! And what’s better than something they love – yes, your grandma’s food. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some all-time-favourite grandma-special recipes that will give your dad authentic Indian flavours.


No matter in which part of the country you reside in, paratha is the staple breakfast that is cooked and enjoyed in every Indian household. To surprise your dad with breakfast in bed or a heavy brunch, you can make parathas like your grandmother used to. Depending on the preference of the filling, you can choose a vegetable, knead a wheat-based dough, cook it, and then serve it with achar and curd.

Maa Ki Dal

What’s better than serving Maa Ki Dal or Dal Makhani and letting your father travel down memory lane of his mother’s food? Made with black lentils and rajma, dal makhani is a classic Indian recipe you can make for lunch or dinner. Just slow-cook the dal with butter, cream, and a blend of spices till all the flavours are properly absorbed. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and cream poured in circles. Finally, serve with naan or roti.

Rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal is not merely a dish. It is a feeling that can make anyone feel that they are at home and at peace. This Father’s Day, you can make a sumptuous meal by cooking aromatic rajma with a serving of jeera rice. The combination of kidney beans cooked in a rich tomato-based gravy and relished with rice is just something else. For a more indulgent experience, you can make a boondi raita and then serve.

Dahi Tadka

Dahi tadka is an authentic Indian dish that your grandmother must have made. Now, it’s your time to make the same for your father. Made with dahi and tempered spices, the dish has a tangy profile, but it is extremely refreshing. You can serve it with freshly cooked rice or roti for a finger-licking lunch or dinner.


For a hearty dessert, you can make a traditional Indian sweet dish, halwa. The beauty of making halwa is the wide range of ingredients that you can choose from to make the dessert. From grains like atta or suji to vegetables like petha or lauki, you can pick your father’s favourite and make a rich serving of halwa. Don’t forget to garnish with chopped dry fruits to make it super indulgent.


Kheer, for Northern India and Payasam, for Southern India it is one of the most popular authentic desserts. Featuring a rich pudding made by simmering milk, rice, and sugar, kheer is relished in almost every household. Garnished with chopped dry fruits and nuts, this dessert can make Father’s Day extra special.