Father's Day 2024: 6 Effortless Desserts To Make

Father's day is the ideal way to show our appreciation for how their love and sacrifices have shaped who we are as people. This year, don’t order from outside; take some time out and make special, effortless desserts at home. With your ideas, love and affection, make something for your fathers and make them smile. Providing our dads with six desserts that are easy to make is the perfect way to honour them. These delicious desserts are expressions of love, gratitude, and sincere thanks, in addition to being delicious foods, be they traditional favourites like creamy kulfi or ice cream sandwiches for summer.

Let's celebrate the innumerable moments of delight our fathers have brought into our lives as we serve them delicious treats. Whether it's enjoying a scoop of handmade ice cream on a peaceful Sunday afternoon or cutting into a piece of cake while having a chat full of laughter and waiting for him to come from work, these sweet treats represent the wonderful times you might have had together. Now get ready, wear the apron and get ready to prepare these delicious goodies and see the joy on your fathers' faces. To the real-life superheroes who inspire us every day.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

This Father’s Day, make this simple dessert with just your dad’s favourite ice cream and cookies or brownies of his choice. To make this, take ice cream or you can make mango ice cream at home too. Choose the brownies of his choice, add the scoop of ice cream in between and press it gently. Sprinkle some sugar sprinklers on it and your delicious, fudgy ice cream sandwiches are ready. These ice cream sandwiches are sure to put a smile on Dad's face and provide a cool and pleasant treat on a hot Father's Day.

No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake Cups

 Indulge Dad's sweet tooth with these irresistible no-bake Oreo cheesecake cups. Just take Oreo cookies and crush them to make a powder-like consistency. Now take a serving cup and add the layer of Oreo to the bottom of the cup. To make this simple cream cheese, blend cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract. When the consistency is thick enough, add it to the cup. Layer it on the Oreo crust. Refrigerate them to set them, and serve them chilled. Garnish with Oreo and enjoy!

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are super easy and delicious. To prepare this, melt your favourite chocolate chips or chocolate bar to make a smooth consistency. When it's smooth, shiny and lump-free, cool it down a little bit. Take fresh strawberries and dip them into the melted chocolate; make sure they are equally coated. Drizzle the chocolate-dipped strawberries with white chocolate or sprinkle them with broken nuts before the chocolate hardens. Now place them on baking sheets and freeze them until hard. These chocolate-dipped strawberries are a classic treat that Dad is sure to enjoy.

Mini Fruit Tarts

These mini fruit tarts are super easy and fun to make. You will require ready-to-eat tart shells, fruits and cream. Begin by filling tart shells with a custard or cream filling; create a creamy base on the tarts. Now wash and chop your fresh fruits and layer them up. Create a vibrant and visually appealing presentation by adding kiwis, cherries, etc. Garnish with honey or your choice of syrup. These mini fruit tarts are a delightful way to showcase seasonal fruit and celebrate Father's Day.

Mango And Coconut Rice Pudding

Mango coconut rice pudding's is unique and flavourful. Start cooking rice, sugar, coconut milk, and a small amount of salt until the rice is soft and the pudding has thickened. After adding the diced fresh mango, stir gently and refrigerate until the pudding sets. Garnish each serving with mango slices and sprinkle it with toasted coconut. All your family members will surely love it.

Pistachio Kulfi

 Introduce Dad to the traditional Indian frozen treat, Pistachio Kulfi, which is rich and creamy. First, combine condensed milk, evaporated milk, and powdered pistachios until creamy and smooth. Serve this cool and creamy dessert on Father’s Day. Enjoy. You can garnish it with nuts too; your crunchy, creamy and tasty dessert is ready.


Take some time on Father's Day to make these simple yet sincere treats as a way to celebrate the vital role dads play in our lives. These sweets are more than simply desserts; from the wonderful and refreshing ice cream sandwiches to the rich and creamy Pistachio Kulfi, they are statements of thanks and love.

Every taste serves as a reminder of the endless happy times and encouragement our fathers have provided for us. So put on your apron and let love and creativity fill the kitchen. Making these sweet delicacies will not only be a great pleasure, but it will also help you create enduring memories. Let's honour the real-life superheroes who motivate us daily. Happy Father's Day!