Fasting This Chaitra Navratri? Have Tasty Vrat-Friendly Snacks

Chaitra Navratri is here, and people are all set to observe fast and worship the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. It is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm not just in India but other parts of the world too. While observing fasts on these auspicious days, one must follow a satvik diet. 

The ones observing fast are supposed to eat sendha namak and other ingredients like fruits, vegetables, kuttu ka aata, singhare ka aata and etc. But there are vrat-friendly snacks too that you can enjoy during the Navratri fasts. These snacks are easy and can get ready in just a few minutes. Wanna know what they are? Here you go! 

Paneer Roll 

Paneer roll is the easiest and tastiest snack you can have during your Navratri fasts. With the base of kuttu ki roti, this snack has grated paneer, potatoes, spices and sendha namak. Serve it with a vrat-friendly coriander chutney and satisfy your vrat cravings with ease. 

Aloo Chaat 

Aloo chaat is one of the most loved snacks across the country. Fried and crispy potato chunks tossed with spices can show you a really good time. But who said you can enjoy this delight during your Navratri fasts? All you need to do is boil potatoes, fry them and add vrat-friendly ingredients.  

Sabudana Vada 

Sabudana is an ingredient that comes to limelight especially during the Navratri fasts. You must have had sabudana at least once, but this time, have sabudana vada to satisfy your Navratri cravings. These sabudana vadas are easy to make and delicious to have. 

Singhare Aata Samosa 

Who doesn’t love samosas? But could you ever think of having samosas during your Navratri fasts? Yes, you can. All you need to do is replace the maida with singhare ka aata. Toss the potatoes with spices like red chili powder, cumin powder, coriander powder and sendha and fill them in the singhara aata samosa. Fry and enjoy it with your favourite chutney.  

Aloo Ka Halwa 

Yes, aloo just doesn’t make up for amazing snacks and meals but also some desserts like aloo ka halwa. The best part is you can enjoy this halwa during your fast. All you need to do is mash boiled potatoes and cook them with ghee, sugar and cardamom powder. This halwa is not just delicious but works as an energy booster too. 

If you are observing the Navratri fast this year, you must try these snacks!