Fast Smart This Navratri: 4 Eating Tips To Start Following This Year
Image Credit: This Navratri, don't load up on the food. Instead, eat smart!

Amidst the pandemic, immunity has been a hot topic of discussion. This concern gains momentum with the the arrival of Navratri, during which Hindu devotees observe a nine-day long fast and worship Goddess Durga in different forms, celebrating good over evil.   

Fasting during these days holds significance because avoiding certain eatable things helps in detoxifying and cleansing the body by flushing out the food evils i.e., foods harmful for our body. Given the COVID situation in the country, it is best to keep your immunity high and taste buds in control.   

Here are four eating tips to maintain your immunity this Navratri. 

1. Hydrate Adequately

Let’s focus on your liquid intake first. Drink water throughout the day, especially because summers are at an all-time high and you would want to remain active while fasting. Apart from water, drink fresh fruit juices, coconut water, cumin seeds water etc.   

2. Say No To Oily Food

How would you detox if you're indulging in fried and oily food for all njine days? Therefore, avoid those deep-fried pooris, aloo sabzis, potato chips, and the kind because they will only make you lethargic and won’t help in building your immunity in such crucial times. Look for healthier alternatives like sabudana, kuttu atta to make dishes like khichdi, tikkis, kheer etc.  

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3. Stress On Fruits And Vegetables  

Having fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, papaya regulate the water content in your body as well as keep you full for a longer time. Cut fresh cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and make a nice salad with a yogurt dressing to go with it.   

Source: The Foodie Hickore/Instagram

4. Eat Small, Eat More   

It is always said to not stuff yourself too much in one go. This is particularly true for fasts. Have small meals at frequent intervals so that you don’t go on an empty stomach for very long. That is harmful as it builds up acid in your stomach, giving a burning sensation.   

So this Navratri, don’t go overboard with food and eat smart.