Fast-Food Chain Worker Spills The Beans About ‘Secret Fried Chicken Recipe’
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Think of fried chicken and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is, perhaps, what comes to the mind of many of us. The crispy, juicy chicken, dipped in spices and fried to perfection, KFC’s fried chicken is bound to make most of us slurp! But have you ever wondered what really goes into making the KFC-style fried chicken? While we may have tried to make it at home countless times, we never get the same flavour. One can find various recipes on the internet that demonstrate how to get the texture of KFC chicken, yet none of them speaks about the ‘secret’ spices that go into the original recipe.  

Maybe, now we have found the answer for you. Reportedly, a KFC employee recently spilled the beans at UK Channel 5’s talk show ‘Secrets Of The Fast Food Giants’. According to a report published in The Daily Express, the employee, named Jo, stated that no one actually knows what goes into making the dish as the recipe is kept in a vault in Kentucky. “Across KFC, only two or three people actually know the exact recipe,” she told the talk show host Alexis Conran. 

However, the staff member did reveal that the fast-food giant uses two different spice blenders - one factory does one blend and the second one adds more to the blend and packs it. “So actually, not one factory knows the complete recipe,” she added. 

Jo also spoke about the other dishes available at KFC, The Sun reported. She revealed that their chicken bucket is actually made of a whole chicken, which is cut into nine pieces to maintain the perfect ratio and proportion. On the other hand, the chicken popcorns are made of chicken breast, which is coated in a light seasoning. Interesting, isn’t it! 

Talking of their burgers, the patty is made by pouring the chicken pieces into a large container of flour, which is then scooped, folded and lifted 10 times to get that desired texture. It is then fried for 15 minutes. Who said burgers are quick? 

"We want to ensure that every piece of chicken has exactly the same amount of breading on it," said Jo, as per 

This was quite an eye opener, wasn't it? KFC, founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, has around 25,000 outlets across 146 countries. In India, the chain has around 620 outlets in different locations. 

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