Farah Khan Indulges In Breakfast Buffet At Jumeirah Emirates

Given how often Farah Khan has been sharing her foodie escapades, the director-choreographer has turned into quite the social media favourite in recent times. From sharing popular recipes from her home kitchen, to finding some of the best spots to enjoy indulgent meals, Farah seems to be doing it all, with an element of fun thrown in for good measure! In her most recent video, where she is seen spending time at the luxurious Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel in Dubai, the reality show judge teamed up with director Punit Malhotra for an adventure at breakfast.

Introducing the hotel’s lavish buffet-style spread, Farah jokingly refers to Punit as a stalker who won’t leave her in peace, while she admires the beautiful display of freshly cut fruit upon entering the restaurant. From fresh berries, melons and more, Farah then moved on to the counter where a host of food items were on display. Endorsing the incredible hospitality while scouting to decide what to eat, she decides to opt for a portion of soft scrambled eggs with feta cheese – all the while engaging in banter with her fellow director friend.

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As chef Lakshmi prepares her plate that is loaded with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and croissants – Farah thanks her and has a brief conversation before proceeding to sit at a table with her plate. Although there was no beverage in sight except for a glass of water, the two directors seemed to have a gala time through the course of their fun exchange. Sharing her recipes for chicken alfredo pasta and two types of potato sabzi preparations off late, Farah has also had fans eating out of her hands (quite literally), ever since she launched her YouTube channel.