7 Fantastic Beverages To Pick For This Christmas Eve
Image Credit: Beverages For Christmas Eve

December is that period when it just feels like the festive and holiday time. The cold winter chills and hot mulled wine makes it all the more alluring. December is the month for merrymaking, starting from Black Friday to Christmas and then New Year; the holiday season insanity is absolute. So here we have some recommendations that can be easily prepared at home to procure the ingredients whether you've been saving a Mead, Whisky, Cocktail or a Classy Sparkling Bubbly for the holiday season! So here's a list of craft beverages available in India to help you celebrate the holidays in gusto.

Cask Selection

  • Malted barley flavours greet you from the first sip of Paul John's Select Cask. Next, an enticing spine is made by a potent mix of manuka honey liquorice and bourbon. Finally, the incredible flavour of the toasted honeycomb takes you off guard while you are enjoying this encounter. With rich Demerara tones, this Single Malt has a beautiful finish that provides a pleasant, smooth finish.
  • Food pairing: This lovely Indian classic's mellowness and wood flavours go great with bacon-wrapped dates ham, a decadent chocolate soufflé or smoked salmon.

Coconut Feni

  • Through meticulous small-batch pot still distillation, hand-collected sweet Coconut toddy is coaxed into its more spirited form. When only naturally existing wild tropical yeasts are used to ferment, a complex olfactory evolution occurs, ensuring that this Cazulo Premium Coconut Feni expresses its superior artisanal quality, traditional values, and Goan heritage perfect partner for your Christmas vacation in Goa.
  • Food pairing: Bacon and Mushroom Quiches.

Long Island Ice Tea

  • A Long Island Ice Tea is an alcoholic missed drink typically made with Vodka, Tequila, Triple Sec, Light Rum and Gin, which gives the drink the same amber hue as iced tea. In a highball glass, fill all ingredients with ice. Stir and garnish with lemon spiral and serve.
  • Food Pairing: Mini chicken fajita roll-ups, spicy chickpea and nut mix, Goat’s cheese, beetroot and walnut tartlets.

Mulled Wine

  • Also known as unique wine, it's an alcoholic beverage usually made with raisins, mulling spices and red wine. This traditional drink is served warm or hot during winter, especially around Christmas and New Year.
  • Food Pairing: Cheese Platter, Blue Cheese, Pickle Fish, Caviar and Cream Cheese (an excellent combo to pair with).

Yule Spice Mead

  • A festive mead aged in French oak to infuse your home with the spirit and flavours of the season. The warm cinnamon scent, the gentle ginger burn, and the sweet, earthy jamun-ness of the honey all leave you feeling relaxed. Yule Spice is a great way to celebrate the holidays.
  • Food pairing: Cheese desserts, meat marinades, finger food, citrus and floral blend with salads.


  • From the makers of Amrut comes Two Indies, a rich rum with fresh, somewhat green cane notes, a deep wood spice aroma, and tropical fruit, notably pineapple and overripe banana. The flavour is rich and creamy, with flavours of pineapple and mango. Perfect for Christmas Eve!
  • Food pairing: Deviled eggs

Christmas Apple Pie

  • Asia's first meadery released Moonshine’s Christmas Apple, Pie Mead, back in December 2018 across Mumbai, Pune and Goa, and it's a spice bomb. This mead is Christmas in a glass with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and rum-soaked raisins aged in their Flagship Apple Cyder Mead.
  • Food pairing: Pigs in a blanket, cocktail meatballs, roast chicken or turkey.