Regional Cuisine: 6 Famous Food Places In Hyderabad
Image Credit: Famous Food In Hyderabad

Hyderabad owns various tasty varieties of food. In addition, it is home to several street food stalls and historical restaurants. The city of Nizams is indescribable without discussing the appreciative flavour in its food diversity. Hyderabad is characterised by the fragrance and crispiness of its beverage and food. Here is a guide to the popular food spots in Hyderabad. These places must be visited whenever you plan a visit to Hyderabad. 

Hyderabadi Keema Samosa 

  • Keema Samosa is a snack of Hyderabadi elegance. People here prefer to eat minced samosas instead of potato samosas, and their demand increases in the monsoon. Spicy keema samosa will be available to eat with various chutneys at every nook and corner of Hyderabad. People like to eat it in the morning for breakfast or with tea in the evening. 
  • Best Keema Samosa in Hyderabad can be found here at Golconda fort food stalls. 

Hyderabadi Lukhmi

  • Lukhmi is pretty famous street food in Hyderabad. The taste of lukhmi is terrific with maida, stuffed mince and spicy chutney. So next time if you visit the city of Nizam and feel like eating street food, you must taste the flavour of Lukhmi. 
  • The Best Lukhmi in Hyderabad will be at Charminar Market and Hotel Madina.  

Hyderabadi Phirni 

  • Phirni is one of the most loved street food in the city. Phirni is made by adding rice, milk and sugar and is served in earthen pots to enhance its taste and aroma. 
  • The Best Phirni in Hyderabad can be found at Hotel Shah Ghouse.

Hyderabadi Apricot Sweet (Khubani Ka Meetha) 

  • Khubani ka meetha is the most famous dessert of Hyderabad. If you ever visit Hyderabad, then you must try this scrumptious Hyderabadi sweet. Made from dried apricots, this sweet is served with ice cream. 
  • Best apricot sweet to be found in Hyderabad at Moazzam Jahi Market and Utsav in Secunderabad. 

Hyderabadi Biryani 

  • You must have heard a lot about Hyderabadi Biryani, as it is one of the renowned food in the city. From chicken to mutton, you will find different types and flavours of biryani in Hyderabad. 
  • The best biryani in Hyderabad can be found at Hotel Shadab or Hotel Madina in Pragati Gali, Charminar. 

Hyderabadi Boti Kebab 

  • Boti Kebab is one of the favourites of non-vegetarians. Boti kebabs are often ordered before dinner as a starter snack. 
  • Best Boti Kebab in Hyderabad to be found at Bade Miyan Kababs, Siddiqui Kabab Centre, and Kebab-e-Bahar.