Falooda Without Falooda? This Unique Recipe From Vadodara Is Sure To Surprise
Image Credit: Image: Screengrab from YouTube video by @foodie_incarnate

When it comes to food, I don’t think anyone would come close to how diverse the Indian cuisine is and how extremely passionate Indians are about it. The passion has not only led popular Indian chefs taking it to the global stage but has also inspired local street food vendors to experiment with it and create new and delicious dishes that makes us drool. This has given rise to unique and viral food trends as well. Be it tandoori momos, kulhad pizza, rabri ice cream or butter chicken pasta and more, Indian street food vendors love to create fusion foods that take inspiration from the desi flavours. In a latest finding recently, food blogger Amar Sirohi revealed another such unique and exquisite dish from the streets - none other than the beloved Falooda. No, it isn’t your regular Falooda, but this sweet treat comes with a delicious twist to it. This Falooda is made without using any Falooda! Confused? Take a look:

In the video shared by Amar Sirohi on Instagram handle @foodie_incarnate, we see the street vendor make fifty servings of Falooda at once. He first adds rabri to all the glasses, followed by generous amounts of sabja (basil seeds). He then tops the unique Falooda with some mawa mix, and thoroughly mixes it all. Post this, the vendor places the cups in ice to make the Falooda fresh and cold. It is then served with ice cream, mawa and rabri. The vendor does not add seviyan to the Falooda, which makes this dish in Vadodara stand out. Generally, a Falooda consists of rabri and seviyan. 

The video has already garnered around 1.2m views and around 78k likes. The netizens are quite intrigued after seeing the unique dish and left several comments. While some people were confused whether a dish without Falooda aka seviyan, can be considered a Falooda, others found it extremely delicious. “Yummy”, “Awesome”, “wow”, were some of the most common reactions from people on the video.  

What do you think about this unique Falooda made without Falooda? Do tell us in the comments section below.