Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Why You Must Add It To Your Summer Diet Regime?
Image Credit: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (parade.com)

The summery days can be harsh on our health due to the sun's sweltering heat. Our food preferences also change during this time, as we tend to drink lots of water and prefer to eat light food. Salads, fresh fruits/juices and nutritious meals that soothe our tummy help us beat the heat and stay energetic. Be it salad, dal, or your favourite curry, and it’s important to use light cooking oil to make your dishes healthy and tasty. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also one of the most promising oils, is considered a blessing during summer months, thanks to its light and delicate nature. 

Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Several studies have proven that a high intake of Extra Virgin Olive oil significantly lowers the risk of lifestyle diseases. In addition, nutrient-rich and full of Vitamin E helps balance good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, thereby boosting heart health.
  • It has antioxidants like Tyrosols, Flavones, Secoiridoids and Lignans that help fight cancers. It also protects the cells with the presence of Hydroxytyrosol. A lesser-known fact is that this oil gives excellent protection to the skin with its high level of Squalene content. Besides multiple health benefits,  it lends a smooth and fruity taste to every bite.

Add To Your Daily Dietary Regime

Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil a part of your daily dietary regime. Discover the miracle of good taste and the blessing of health by adding this oil to every dish. Unlike popular myth, olive oil has a pleasant smell and can elevate a dull dish into an exotic one. For example, a drop of olive oil on a salad makes it a tasty treat and enhances its health benefits.

Olive Oil Salad

To beat the summer heat and experience a cooling effect, you can also make a delectable recipe for a salad from the comfort of your kitchen. Its cooling ingredients and a healthy addition of extra virgin olive oil will make this salad a perfect dish for hot sunny days.

(With Inputs From Mr Mukesh Ghuraiya, Chief Marketing Officer Modi Naturals)