Exploring The Unexplored- Yamuna Cafe At Majnu Ka Tilla
Image Credit: Magicpin

Majnu Ka Tilla is every youth's favourite place to visit. The boho vibe and the depiction of Tibetan culture are mesmerising to the eyes. The place is filled with cafes and restaurants that serve the best Tibetan delicacies. But, have you tried the unexplored side of Majnu Ka Tilla? Well, let me take you through it.



At the back of the Tibetan colony, there is a street adjoining the Yamuna flood plain that has few cafes that are worth the visit. It is a whole new world out there. The cafes are glorifying Tibetan culture and their food. Yamuna cafe is one such cafe that is located near Majnu Ka Tilla. It has a very cosy and warm vibe. The place has outdoor seating as well which you can enjoy during the evening. It has a chilled out vibe where you can go and enjoy yourself with friends without worrying too much. You can also work remotely from the cafe as it has a very peaceful ambience. The menu offers mocktails and cocktails both at reasonable prices. If you want to try something non-alcoholic then apple beer and peach iced tea is something you should go for. The iced tea has a peachy sweet and tangy flavour that soothes the taste buds during the scorching heat. For cocktails, one must try their frozen mango margarita and cosmopolitan. Frozen mango margarita is a blend of tequila, vodka and frozen mango slush. It is a refreshing drink that is definitely a heat killer. Coming to the food, Margherita pizza is its speciality. The pizza has a very juicy and succulent crust that is cheesy and melts in the mouth like a dream. 

And are you concerned about the desserts? Well, we have got it covered for you. The cafe serves a lot of desserts like brownies, cheesecakes, pastries etc. The red velvet cheesecake is to die for. The food is easy on pockets and costs 700 for two. It serves everything from Chinese to Italian cuisine. 

Yamuna cafe has a view of the river Yamuna and the Signature bridge. It is a perfect place where you can relax and enjoy yourself at the same time. The nearest metro station connecting to this place is Vidhan Sabha and it is easy to reach. If you are someone who loves sitting outdoors with your loved ones under the vail of lights and trees around, then this cafe is the place to be.