Explore Nagaland’s Unique Dishes That Offer Gastronomical Pleasures

Does your palate crave spiciness and your mind seek an unforgettable holiday amidst nature’s beauty? Head towards East India. You will land on a less explored part of the nation, Nagaland. The mountainous state is popular for its unique culture and local cuisine. Traditional Naga foods have to be made with spicy sauces. The tribal population in the state loves eating smoked, fermented, or dried meat. Their dishes are prepared using exotic ingredients and vegetables. Here, eating dogs, worms, and insects is a daily thing. So, don’t be surprised at all. Let’s now have a quick look at some of Nagaland’s scrumptious and special dishes that you will not find anywhere else in India.


This is one of the flavourful dishes from the Naga cuisine that you ought to try. AkiniChokibo is a snail delicacy that is prepared using a wild herb called perilla. Fermented soybean and lard of pork are also used while cooking this snail meat.

Bamboo Steamed Fish

Bamboo fish is one of the signature dishes of Nagaland. Everyone from the Naga community loves this dish especially because of its gamut of flavours. If you are trying bamboo steamed fish for the first time, be prepared for a bit of bland taste at first. Gradually, your taste buds will get an explosion of flavours.


Zutho is a famous drink among the Angami tribe. This rice beer from Nagaland is prepared using fermentation. It is called ‘an intrinsic part of traditional Naga cuisine.


You can also call it Nagaland’s Khichdi. Galho is a soupy recipe that is prepared using rice, seasonal greens, and meat. Naga people prefer making it with smoked pork and top this perfect dish with ginger and garlic.