Exclusive Summer Brunch Salad Recipes By Chef Shankar Devnath
Image Credit: Fox's Caesar Salad Chef Shankar Devnath/ Pic- Fox in the Field.

Summers are all about eating light and fresh so that you can stay cool. With the mercury rising one needs to ear right. Cold are best for the season. It’s all about some leafy greens,  bean and tofu. You can mix all of them toss then with some simple dressing a hearty plate of greens in ready to be eaten. 

Fox in the Field, a microbrewery in Forum Shantiniketan – Whitefield has put together a few Summer brunch recipes for people to explore this Summer.

Chef Shankar Devnath shares some simple salads that is great for your brunch table. So load your plate with plate with all kinds of tasty summer produce and keep yourself cool.

Fox’s Caesar Salad, Chicken

Prep time: 15 mins, Cooking time/ assembly: 5 mins, Servings: 1 people

Som Tam Salad



    Raw Papaya    Gms     100

    Carrot    Gms    05

    Beans    Gms    05

    Red Chilli - fresh    Gms    03

    Garlic    Gms    05

    Peanut (roasted)    Gms    10

    Palm Sugar    Gms    05

    Kikkoman Soya    Ml    05

    Lemon    Ml    05

    Coriander – fresh    Gms    03


    Peel and julienne the Papaya, Carrot & beans and put them in iced water for 05 mins

    In a bowl, mix palm sugar, soya, red chilli, garlic & lemon juice

    Remove the Papaya & veggies from the iced-water bath after 5 minutes, drain and mix in the palm sugar mixture

    Garnish with coriander and roasted peanut