Flush Out Excess Water With 8 Easy Remedies

Water retention can occur in the body due to multiple reasons and essentially happens when fluid gets collected in tissues to cause swelling. The risk of inflammation is inevitably heightened in cases of severe water retention. A tendency of retaining excess fluid can be the result of consuming excessive salt, eating foods loaded in carbohydrates, hormonal imbalances, hampered liver function and diabetes.

Curbing water retention also means ridding the body of toxins and flushing out harmful bacteria that end up getting stored in the body. Shedding excess water also means getting rid of those extra calories that might be weighing you down inducing a feeling of being bloated. Excess water can also cause inflamed palms and feet which results in an unpleasant sensation of heaviness. Here are some handy remedies to tackle water retention in the body:

Get Plenty Of Roughage

Eat foods rich in fibre to smoothen digestive processes and provide body with enough roughage to form healthy stool. This will also result in controlling excess levels of water and waste in the body and rid it of harmful toxins. Fibre-rich foods like vegetables and legumes are also nourishing foods for losing excess calories.

Drink Lots Of Water

Ironically, the best way to reduce water retention is to drink plenty of water. This is because when the body feels dehydrated, it starts storing whatever water is available which can lead to swelling and inflammation. Keep a water bottle handy and drink water at regular intervals.

Have Veggies Rich In Water

Eating vegetables like cucumber that are rich in water content will provide the body with enough fluids and reduce the tendency to store excess water. Eating these vegetables also has the added advantage of getting rid of water weight so that the low-calorie foods end up helping you shed those excess kilos that cause bloating.

Drink Detox Waters

Detox waters or lime waters have the dual benefit of loading the body with fluids while cleansing it of toxic materials. Having lime water also ensures that all the body's nutrients that might be flushed out while shedding excess water are replenished. This helps to maintain electrolyte balance and wards off headaches or bloating.

Eat Plenty Of Fruits

Have fruits like watermelons, pears and grapes which will help to fill the body up with essential water content. Such fruits act as diuretics, which means they naturally indicate the body to get rid of excess water. So, you might have to make trips to the bathroom often, but you will also be getting rid of any stored water thereby controlling inflammation.

Maintain pH Levels

Maintaining proper electrolyte balance is critical for reducing the tendency of inflammation due to water retention. Eat foods rich in phosphorous and potassium, like bananas to balance pH levels in the body especially after performing any strenuous activity that can cause dehydration.

Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats like ghee help to lubricate the body's digestive tract. This not only smoothens the process of expelling waste but also curbs levels of inflammation that can be the result of water retention. Add ghee to your plate during lunch or simply eat one spoonful early in the morning for best results.

Consume Less Salt

One of the reasons behind water retention is the craving to eat salty foods which leads to increased blood pressure. This reduces the capacity of the body to process water and while salt can harm the heart, excess water retention takes a toll on kidney and liver function. Eat salt in moderate quantities to prevent excess fluid stores.