Every Day Use of Brown Rice Can do These Things to Your Body
Image Credit: Brown rice
Rice is a staple food for people living in Asia. This versatile grain comes in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Mostly, people eat white rice, and those who are health conscious prefer its brown counterpart. The reason why brown rice is associated with health benefits is its nutritional richness that’s because of the way it is manufactured. Brown rice is a whole grain which means it contains all parts (fiber-containing bran, carb-rich endosperm, and germ) of the grain. However, white rice doesn’t contain any of this. The hull, bran, and germ make the brown rice rich in nutrients. It also possesses minerals including manganese, selenium, magnesium, and calcium. These nutrients are either not present in white rice or available in trace amounts. 
If you opt for brown rice every day, certain body changes are almost inevitable. Let’s know about a few of them below.
Weight Loss
You will notice that mostly those who are trying to lose weight go for brown rice. The reason behind this is the rich fiber content in brown rice. It keeps you full for longer and prevents overeating. Also, fiber-rich foods help in the regulation of appetite-controlling hormones. Having brown rice daily reduces your calorie count and supports weight loss in the longer run.
Issue in Digestion 
Brown rice contains insoluble fiber that passes through your intestine without changing much. It is not easy to digest and contributes to issues like bloating gas, and diarrhea.
Low Cholesterol Level
Consumption of rice bran is linked to a reduction in the level of bad cholesterol. As we know brown rice contains bran and therefore it can help lower LDL.
Increased Risk of Certain Diseases
Most grains are exposed to arsenic that’s found in soil and water. Consuming even a small amount of this element can increase your risk of suffering from diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.