Every Day Is A Good Day For Sunday Brunch At This Delhi-Eatery

Who doesn’t fancy a classic, old-fashioned Sunday Brunch? A perfect opportunity to unwind with your glass of bubbly, admiring the toasts, cheese, meat and everything on display. If only, every day was a Sunday, right? What is we were to tell you that now you can have your favourite Sunday Brunch staples, every day, that too as A La Carte options? Intrigued much?  

HOME has reimagined the new concept of A la Carte brunch and brings a combination of artisanal meals, beverages, and entertainment together. A menu spearheaded by Chef Mayank and Chef Yutaka Saito bring together classics, with a little twist. The whole idea, as we were told, was to enjoy the ‘Lazy Sunday feel’ but without having to get up from your table. The gourmet meals reach you on your table.  

While speaking to us Chef Mayank told us how their attempt was to look at local ingredients, tasty egg preparations, salads, otherwise very easily ignored. “Focus on these, make them star attractions of our menu. The kind of space we are, it is an intimate space, friends and couples come around to dine and watch performances. So, I didn’t want food to be lying around in plate, hence we wanted a nice table brunch and do it ala carte.”

Further, he told us why he is so proud of his egg preparations. “Eggs will have couple of interpretations, so our Irani Akuri with Duck Kheema has been a hit, we do a version of Kejriwal with an Asiago Kulcha, Moroccan-style coddled eggs, Cloudy eggs with ham and parmesan have their own charm and then the Red wine poached eggs have also been very popular”, he added. He told us how eggs can be very tricky, especially in a busy kitchen, but so far, they have been garnering many eyeballs.

His personal favourite from the menu however, is the Zucchini cream-based pizza. The menu is very eclectic, there’s a bit of India, Japan, Italy, and Morocco and the top-quality ingredients make all the difference. “We have a wonderful Goan lady Crescentia, we work with for our Goan ingredients sausages and masalas, a lot of the herbs are by local, small farmers, we are also associated with Krishi Cress. Our seafood is mostly imported, except prawns and squid, but quality checks are ensured on every step.”  

In addition to the dumplings and sushi, which are phenomenal in their own right, we suggest you give the salads a chance, from the chargrilled zucchini & pistou salad to the norwegian salmon & cous cous salad. These salads are wholesome, flavourful and worth every penny.The hearth oven-made pizzas, ranging from a traditional Marinara to a Biancoverde with wood-roasted mushrooms and onion confit finished with fresh Rucola to the Chicken Pepperonata or the American-styled Pepperoni & Mozzarella also adds to the eclecticness of the menu.