Ever Wondered How Soan Papdi Is Made? This Video will Amaze You
Image Credit: Image: Facebook: Olive Oils from Spain

Indians bond over mithai and there’s no denying there. No matter what region or culture one belongs to, mithai is bound to bring everyone together. From the staple kaju katli to decadent gulab Jamun, ladoos, rasgulla, jalebi and more, just the thought about these desi sweet treats make us drool. No wonder we love our festivals so much. Be it Diwali, Eid or Ganesh Chaturthi, each festival is incomplete without a box of mithai. We all have grown up eating many of these mithais, but one of my personal favourites was the flaky soan papdi. A cube-shaped sweet meat that has a crispy and flaky texture, soan papdi is thoroughly enjoyed in festivals such as Diwali and Holi. It is not too sweet as the flaky texture balances it and makes it a perfect mithai to binge on. While there’s a huge following of this sweet, have you ever wondered how this popular mithai is made? If you don’t know the process, then this video is sure to amaze you. Take a look:

Also known as Soan Hawla, this mithai is usually made with a mix of besan, flour, ghee and sugar to give that crunch and a flaky texture. The video that has recently gone viral was shared on Instagram by food blogger @thefoodieshub. It shows how the sugar syrup is moulded multiple times to give a thick texture to the soan papdi. The thick, sticky and stringy sugar syrup is then coated in a liquid of ghee and flour mixture. It is mixed in the mixture until it soaks the entire of it until dry. It is then pressed round until flat and is topped with nuts and dry fruits, layered and cut into squares for serving. Isn’t it amazing? No wonder the video has gone viral with over 6 million views and more than 280k likes. 

While it just takes minutes to nosh off soan papdi, it sure requires a whole lot of time and energy to make it. Isn’t it remarkable how the process of making soan papdi has captivated the attention of so many on the internet? Comments section had all sorts of amazement. From “Wowww” and “so awesome” to “This looks good”, people couldn’t stop drooling.   

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