Tried The Pahadi Raita? This Secret Ingredient Sets It Apart
Image Credit: Image credit: Instagram @ mero_pahad_

It is tough to mention hills and not think about all the lovely memories you made there, or envy those who live in an environment so sublime. Driving along the bendy roads, watching the mountains getting taller and valleys getting deeper is an experience tough to put in words. When I visited Dehradun this September, it was raining cats and dogs on the first day. Thankfully it was much sunnier the day after, with a few clouds floating right outside our hotel window (no, kidding). Since it was slightly warmer that day, we decided to have the Pahadi raita that we were wary of having the previous day. They say, you should not consume curd on colder days as it may result in cold and boost the formation of phlegm, but if a side dish is as delicious, you don’t mind flouting a rule or two, do you?  

What Is Pahadi Raita 

From the looks of it, this raita looks like a kheere ka raita, but it is only when you take a bite, do you realize that it is much zingier in comparison, and that is because it is not just a cold assortment of grated cucumber, curd and some spices from your stash. Yellow mustard seeds are freshly grounded and added to the raita, giving it a strong punch. The dish hails from Uttarakhand and is served with rice, rotis and paratha. Apart from mustard, the dish also uses a pinch of red chilli powder, roasted cumin powder, green chillies, fresh coriander, salt and fresh curd that is beaten until it is smooth. A tinge of turmeric imparts a lovely yellow hue to the kheere ka raita. If you like your raita savoury, then this is definitely something up your ante.  

How To Make The Pahadi Raita 

Like every raita, it is very simple to make the Pahadi raita too. If you want to make it the traditional way, grind a teaspoon of yellow mustard in a mortar and keep it aside. Then in another bowl combine other ingredients like one cup of fresh curd, one cup of grated cucumber, salt, a pinch of roasted cumin powder, chilli powder, turmeric, one tsp of chopped green chillies and two tsp of freshly chopped coriander. Mix it all together, and towards the end, add the mustard you had just ground.

It is advisable to let the raita rest for about an hour before you serve it so that all the flavours become prominent. Think you can make this delish raita at home, do send us your recipe and pictures.