Ever Tried Making Coffee With Coconut Oil? Try It Now

The versatility of coconut oil is amazing. It can be used in skin and hair care products and offers a range of nutritional advantages. One common—and rather unexpected—way that people enjoy to have coconut oil is as a coffee ingredient. Coconut oil and coffee both have advantages and disadvantages. You may maximise some of the positive effects of each by combining them while minimising some of the negative effects, such as the jitters that come from drinking coffee alone. 

Advocates of the keto diet, a low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein diet intended to encourage the body to utilise ketones rather than glucose for energy, are largely responsible for the widespread popularity of coconut oil in coffee (sugar). The keto diet and its variants are often employed as weight-loss methods. 

Coconut oil gives coffee a rich flavour that a lot of people like. Unbelievably, it may make your coffee fairly creamy and it has a buttery flavour. Even if you don't add milk or a milk substitute, coconut oil alone will neutralise the acidity of the coffee and produce a smooth, decadent flavour. 

Coffee stimulates the neurological system and offers two main sources of energy. First off, substances that include caffeine, such as coffee and espresso, are known as "adenosine blockers." The neurotransmitter adenosine encourages sleepiness. Inhibiting sleepiness in the brain, caffeine binds to adenosine receptors. Caffeine also encourages the release of energetic neurotransmitters like dopamine. 

The coconut oil is next. A plant-based source of fat is coconut oil. From a nutritional perspective, what makes it exceptionally special is that despite being heavy in saturated fat, the saturated fats in coconut oil are broken down swiftly. 

Lauric acid, a form of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), makes up around 50% of the composition of coconut oil. MCTs are digested in a way that gives the body access to fast fuel. Cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease may be protected against by coconut oil and its MCTs. Coconut oil, like coffee, contains antioxidant qualities that can help prevent oxidative stress. 

What happens then if you mix coffee and coconut oil? Combining the two can help you fast absorb MCTs into your body for use as a quick-burning, non-carbohydrate fuel. According to a study, adding coconut oil to coffee may also benefit immunity, blood sugar, caffeine digestion, skin, hair, and other factors. 




1–2 tsp of coconut oil 

vanilla (optional) 

peppermint (optional) 

Whatever mix-in you like! 


Pour your coffee into the blender cup with care. Add coconut oil and any additional treats you desire. Coffee is blended once the blender's lid is closed. You will notice that the coffee and coconut oil will froth up in a fancy manner, almost like your favorite brand. Pour it into your cup once it has been blended and enjoy your beverage.