Ever Tried Kolhapuri Dal Tadka Khichdi? You Won’t Stop Licking Your Fingers
Image Credit: Pixabay

Kolhapur is a Maharashtrian city built on the banks of Panchganga river. The city holds immense historical and spiritual relevance among Hindus, due to the ancient Mahalaxmi temple that is situated here. Because of the shrine, the city is also nicknamed 'Dakshin Kashi' or Kashi of South. Even among Marathas, the city held prime importance. Much before the British developed Mumbai, and the city became the financial capital of the country, it was Kolhapur that made the region of Maharashtra incredibly sought-after. The way Kolhapur’s cuisine has shaped up in History is also a fascinating subject for many. The Kolhapuri curry is known to be famously hot, but the cuisine has a lot to offer that can please the palate of everyone. For instance, this comforting Kolhapuri Dal Khichdi comes with a zingy, masaledar tadka. The khichdi is hot, but the heat is bearable, besides if you are making it at home, you can always monitor the spices you use. But what makes this Khichdi so special? Let’s find out. 

Khichdi is one of India’s oldest known delicacies. It essentially entails a combination of lentils and rice, with chillies, spices and ghee. But then, of course, we also have bajre ki khichdi or mutton khichda which are made very differently. Then there are regional variations of khichdi, Bengalis like to toast the rice, so their khichdi has a slightly smoky flavour, whereas the Bardoli khichdi of Gujarat is slightly sweet in taste. 

Coming back to Kolhapuri Khichdi. The khichdi is made with a fiery dal made with moong dal, curry leaves, red chilli powder, turmeric, dry red chillies and garlic etc. The inclusion of these many spices gives dal a distinctive reddish hue. The watery dal is then garnished with heaps of chopped coriander and cooked until it starts bubbling. To this dal, cooked rice is added in batches. And both rice and dal are cooked until they become one unit. The khichdi is usually kept runny and is served hot with a sizzling hot tadka or tempering made with hot oil, garlic, jeera, curry leaves chillies, dry red chillies poured on top. The tadka is mixed in with the dal khichdi and relished by people of all age groups.  

This khichdi is bold, hot and replete with exquisite flavours. It is also super comforting. Have you ever tried Kolhapuri Tadka Dal Khichdi? Do let us know.