Ever Heard Rajasthan's Special Chutki Wali Roti? Recipe Inside
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The culinary heritage of Rajasthan exudes a regal essence, with every delicacy narrating distinctive anecdotes of the region and its opulent past. While certain culinary delights have made a significant impact on the international food scene, others have remained shrouded in mystery. This particular culinary creation that truly stands out is none other than the delectable 'chutki wali roti'. This particular roti is a regional delicacy that was traditionally crafted with the local community's professions in consideration. The name "chutki," which translates to "small pinch," is derived from the manual pinching technique used to shape the dough. This particular delicacy hails from the Marwari community of Rajasthan and is traditionally referred to as "khoba" roti. The term "Khoba" hails from the Marwari dialect and is literally translated as "cavity."Chutki Roti is a quintessential accompaniment to a variety of Indian dishes, including curries, dal, and as a side dish. This artisanal bread has a humble yet versatile character, making it a perfect accompaniment to elevate the dining experience. Its subtle flavours and textures beautifully complement the richness of Indian cuisine. 

The formation of these cavities within the roti was done so that the cooking process would be more uniform. Chutki wali roti is traditionally made over a low flame and is often cooked with the addition of ghee to increase crispiness. It is also normally thicker than regular rotis. The original method of preparation called for the thick roti to be baked in a tandoor, which featured cavities that assisted in ensuring that the food was cooked uniformly. This method of cooking was especially helpful for Marwari businessmen who needed rotis that could be stored for an extended period of time for their travels. 

Here is its recipe


Whole wheat dough 

Oil/ ghee 


Red chilli powder 

Green chilli 

Ginger (optional) 



Method: To begin, incorporate the atta, ghee, and some salt into the dough, and then knead it. After that, make a spice blend by combining butter, ajwain, salt, and red chilli powder. After that, roll out the dough into a thin layer and then spread the mixture over it. Following that, turn the dough over and roll it out one more. Be sure to keep it thick. Put it on a hot tawa, then press together a number of little holes on one side of it with help of the tip of the tongs, and finish it off by cooking it in a lot of ghee. Although achar and dahi are our go-to condiments for this roti, you are free to enjoy it with any sabzi of your choosing to round off a healthy lunch.