Enjoy Authentic Flavours With These 7 Clay Pots For Cooking
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The criterion for your desired clay pots for cooking:

  • The type of clay: When purchasing a clay pot for cooking, you require to know that the purest form of clay is used. Primary clay is suitable as it does not contain any contaminants. You can understand this by inquiring and knowing whether it has been tested and certified.
  • Toxicity: You do not need to be a scientist for this. You will require some baking soda, water and the clay pot. Mix baking soda in water and boil it. Turn the stove off after ten minutes of boiling. Cool it down and taste. If any metals are leaching, you will be able to taste it as if the water has rubber or paint. 
  • Cracks or Holes: Clay is a highly porous material and hence, it can easily crack. Before buying, be sure to check for any cracks so that you are investing in a whole clay pot. 
  • Unglazed: Buy unglazed clay pots for cooking as glazed ones are painted with toxic ceramic paint. 
  • Size and Shape: Choose a size and shape that is appropriate for what type of cooking you will be undertaking. Large pots can help cook soups or dals, while small pots can suffice for cooking vegetables.
  • Thickness: Specifically, look for clay pots that are thick and heavy as this retains heat and ensure even cooking.
  • Listen to the sound: Be sure to knock at the bottom of the clay pot for a good metallic sound. This indicates that the internal structure is strong and there are no cracks.

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