Enhance Taste And Aroma of Your Daily Food With These Ingredients

Are you bored of the regular taste of the foods cooked in your house? Thinking to discover new dishes and try them out? Well, you can anytime go for that. But, what if we suggest you a way to enhance the taste and aroma of the same homemade old dishes? Would you be interested in giving them a new twist? If yes, let’s go straight to your kitchen and look for some magical ingredients. No extra effort is required in cooking, just changing the spices that you normally add to the dishes will do the needful. Let’s find out about those taste boosters.


A few commonly available herbs including dill, basil, lemongrass, rosemary, etc. can offer pleasing food experiences to you. You can use both fresh and dry herbs and get back the magic in your food that you used to bring with your cooking. 

Citrus Juice

You can not only use the citrus juices but also zest as it can also make a significant difference in the taste of the food. Many people would agree that adding a few drops of lemon juice to dal or cakes enhances the taste. While the citrus juice offers a tanginess to the food, zest gives tartness. 

Balsamic Vinegar

You can add balsamic vinegar to a dish to add both sweet and sour taste to it. The ingredient goes well with sautéed veggies, raw salads, and even with pasta. 


Nutmeg has a very strong aroma and unique flavor that can add magic to the taste of curries and even cookies. You just need to grate nutmeg and add it to your dish during the initial phase of preparation.