Ending The Year With A Bizarre Food Trail: 4 Weird Indian Food Trends Of 2021 That Have Left Us Appalled
Image Credit: From oreo pakoda to ferrero rocher manchurian, there are several bizarre food trends that happened this year.

In the age of social media, everyone wants to put their best face forward and share the best moments of their life online. Virality is the biggest trend in this age. Going viral isn’t that easy, some say, but if you come to think of it, it isn’t that tough too. You just have to be different and carve a niche for yourself so that people recognize you. In the quest to stand out and make known that you exist, people tend to go to extreme lengths just to capture mere seconds of attention and enjoy a short-lived fame. Different aspects of life have seen the influence of virality with viral clothes hacks being one of them. Take the scarf top for instance. This hack was widely circulated across social media with fashion influencers and normal users alike, trying it out on their feed. 

Likewise, the food industry has also been caught by the viral fever (no not the influenza). Each day, we read about a new food trend being circulated on a social platform that is picked up by others in no time. What I have understood from the past experience is that either you create something extraordinarily unique or simply end up with a bizarre dish. The two extremes seem to work well in the space of virality. 

From oreo pakodas to fanta maggi and more, India has beared the brunt of several such weird food combinations in the last year and here’s a curated list to remind you of some of them. 

1.  Oreo Maggi 

Well, oreo and maggi are two things that have been widely used or should we say misused in lieu of creating something interesting and unique. A food blogger, Chahat Anand, left the netizens appalled with her idea of adding crushed oreos to a packet of maggi. She also goes on to top it with vanilla ice cream in the end. This reel received a host of views and mixed reactions from the audience with some being fascinated to try the dish while leaving others disgusted. 

Source: Chahat Anand/Instagram 

2.  Ferrero Rocher Manchurian 

Love having manchurian with fried rice? What we’re going to tell you next might leave you in shock. A Twitter user, @thatdoggonelady, shared a picture of ferrero manchurian on her handle saying that she found this online and wanted to annoy you. While you could easily mistake it for a regular manchurian dish, it is one ferrero rocher ball that cracked from the center, revealing the hidden identity of the chocolates disguised as balls. 

                 Source: Joanna/Instagram 

3.  Oreo Pakoda 

The delicious chocolate biscuit comes back again, but this time in the form of a pakoda. Mind you, this isn’t just a one-time bizarre food combination but an actual item on the menu of an Ahemdabad eatery. Foodie Incarnate, a food blogger shared the video of the making of this unique/strange oreo pakoda where the oreo biscuits are dipped in gram flour to be deep-fried and served hot. 

         Source: Foodie Incarnate/YouTube

4.  Croissant Vada Pav 

How about we give the regular pavs a Western twist by replacing them with croissants? Surprised, eh? We were too when we first read about this croissant vada pav on Twitter. A user, @iSudutta shared a screenshot of the menu of a food delivery app where they had an actual item which said Croissant vada pav. The aloo bonda was squeezed between the croissant and served with red and green chutney. 

                 Source: Sudutta/Twitter