Ellu Juice: Tried This Simple, Refreshing Drink From Bangalore?
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Refreshing, creamy-ish and coconutty, Sesame Juice is also known as Ellu Juice is a perfect drink to have in the summer season when scorching heat is unbearable. This easy and healthy drink is pleasantly sweet and tastes better when served chilled. 

Sesame seeds are mainly grown in tropical regions of Asia, Africa and South America. It is a crop which is cropped due to the presence of oil in its seed. It is also considered an oil seed. They are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and hence prove to be a healthy add-on to meals. It is also used in certain food items to bring a nutty flavour and crunchy texture to them.

These seeds give a huge number of health benefits. It is used as cooking oil to treat high blood pressure. They are also commonly used for diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and many other conditions.

This quick and easy-to-prepare juice doesn’t need any pre-preparation. It is a white colour drink which is made with a blending of sesame seeds, jaggery and water. You can make this drink thick or thin by increasing or decreasing the amount of water poured into it. The best part of this nutritious drink is that it is prepared using jaggery, not sugar. Jaggery is a house of minerals and is beneficial for health.

These seeds can also be eaten raw, baked or toasted as per your taste. Sesame seeds are also used as topping on bagels, burger buns, salads, and breadsticks.

Here’s the recipe for the Sesame Seeds Drink.

Preparation time: 1 hr 10 mins

Servings: 3 cups


    ¼ cup white Sesame Seeds

    Little less than 1/4 cup powdered Jaggery 

    1/4 cup grated Coconut

    1 cup chilled Milk

    3 nos. Cardamoms


  • In the first step, soak the Sesame Seeds for about 1 to 2 hours in a little amount of water 
  • Put soaked Sesame Seeds, grated Coconut, Jaggery and De-seeded cardamoms in a mixer grinder and grind them together to make a fine paste. Add some milk if needed to grind them easily 
  • Now, pour this paste into a bowl and add milk to dilute the paste
  • Finally, serve this chilled and rejuvenating white Sesame Juice

A few points to keep in mind:

  • You can strain the Sesame Seeds chunks if you don’t like the drink to taste nutty
  • The drink can also be prepared without milk. You can substitute it with almond milk
  • Ellu Juice can also be made vegan if you use water instead of milk 
  • You can always adjust the amount of jaggery as per your taste buds
  • The drink tastes best when served chilled

Now prepare this easy drink at home. Also, these multi-purpose Sesame Seeds are very beneficial for health. They are used as an ingredient in soap, cosmetics, lubricants, and medicines as well.